An alphabetical list of all talks, workshops, keynotes and other events at BornHack 2018. The list does not include facilities like bar opening hours.

Type Title Speakers Scheduled
Talk #badgelife Thomas Flummer
17/08-2018 14:00
Meetup 25th birthday of Debian Holger 'h01ger' Levsen
16/08-2018 22:00
Music Act 30 Years of Danish Rap Thomas Steen Rasmussen
20/08-2018 22:00
Talk A Tale of Software Quality in the Cloud Peter Forsberg
18/08-2018 19:00
Lightning Talk A brief intro to Genode and Sculpt OS ehmry
No instances scheduled yet
Talk Algorithmically Inspirational Design Morten Bo Rønsholdt
20/08-2018 16:00
Talk An tutorial on exhaustively testing threaded C or C++ with Nidhugg Magnus Lång
19/08-2018 16:00
Talk Beyond Ulovlig Logning: Hvilke lovovertrædelser begår staten ellers? Rasmus Malver
19/08-2018 18:00
Talk Big Banko: Scaling for the Elder Generation Niels G. W. Serup
18/08-2018 13:00
Talk Boiling the ocean: Cooking with Qubes and MirageOS Joe
21/08-2018 17:00
Slacking Off BornCrag - A Day of Rock Climbing Xiao
21/08-2018 10:00
Talk Bornhack CTF Epilogue and Afterparty Pwnies
20/08-2018 18:00
Talk Bornhack CTF Prologue and Introduction Pwnies
18/08-2018 11:00
Talk Can democracy survive 4IR? Lisbeth Bech Poulsen
20/08-2018 11:00
Talk DNS Provider Decentralisation and DNS Privacy Update Thomas Steen Rasmussen
No instances scheduled yet
Talk Dansk IT historie - Mød 16 profiler, der har skabt IT historie i Danmark og i resten af verden Michael Ørnø
20/08-2018 15:00
Debate Debat om Dansk IT-politik Paneldebat
20/08-2018 13:00
Talk Debian for contributing hackers / Ask me Anything Holger 'h01ger' Levsen
21/08-2018 18:00
Lightning Talk Diplomacy AI Colin Rowat
No instances scheduled yet
Talk Experiences in disclosure Mr. K
21/08-2018 16:00
Workshop Fun with Bleach Moem
19/08-2018 13:00
20/08-2018 13:00
Talk Futhark: A data-parallel pure functional programming language compiling to GPU Troels Henriksen
17/08-2018 13:00
Workshop Gentoo Install Party Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera (klondike)
20/08-2018 17:00
Lightning Talk Getting started with XDP (eXpress Data Path) Jesper Dangaard Brouer
No instances scheduled yet
Talk Goodbye World BornHack
22/08-2018 17:00
Slacking Off Hacker Jeopardy (Finals) BornHack
21/08-2018 23:00
Slacking Off Hacker Jeopardy (Round #1) BornHack
17/08-2018 23:00
Slacking Off Hacker Jeopardy (Round #2) BornHack
19/08-2018 23:00
Keynote Hardware, Politics and Hacking Peter Stuge
19/08-2018 20:00
Talk Hello World! BornHack
16/08-2018 21:00
Facilities Infodesk is open N/A 16/08-2018 12:00
17/08-2018 12:00
18/08-2018 12:00
19/08-2018 12:00
20/08-2018 12:00
21/08-2018 12:00
22/08-2018 12:00
Workshop Interpersonal Hacking Rian / Ash
21/08-2018 15:00
Talk Introducing Certgrinder Thomas Steen Rasmussen
22/08-2018 15:00
Talk Introduction to Network Analysis - Now Without Buzzwords Philip 'Xiao' Henriques
17/08-2018 15:00
Talk Investigating Targeted Surveillance Donncha
21/08-2018 15:00
Workshop Knitting sweatshop Reynir
22/08-2018 15:00
Workshop Learn Django and contribute to the BornHack website Benjamin Bach
Víðir Valberg Guðmundsson
18/08-2018 17:00
Talk LibreBoot & Free Software&Hardware Philosophy marco
19/08-2018 11:00
Workshop Libreboot flashing ^_^ Replicant installation marco
22/08-2018 11:00
Lightning Talk Lightning talks BornHack
19/08-2018 13:00
21/08-2018 13:00
Slacking Off Lunch break BornHack
17/08-2018 12:00
18/08-2018 12:00
19/08-2018 12:00
20/08-2018 12:00
21/08-2018 12:00
22/08-2018 12:00
Workshop Making Art Using Printed Circuit Boards Thomas Flummer
17/08-2018 17:00
Talk Making REST API in Sinatra with automation tests in bash Mateusz Wolsza
18/08-2018 14:00
Talk MirageOS: what did we achieve in the last year? Hannes Mehnert
19/08-2018 17:00
Talk Modern Mix Network Design David Stainton
18/08-2018 15:00
Workshop More fun with bleach Moem
No instances scheduled yet
Meetup Morning football Morten Nielsen
No instances scheduled yet
Talk My list of the first things to do as a windows admin to making life harder for redteam/hackers Flemming Riis
22/08-2018 16:00
Keynote News from the ESO/ELT telescope & The new NerdHouse Poul-Henning Kamp
20/08-2018 17:00
Talk Onion Bandwidth Scanner juga
22/08-2018 13:00
Meetup Open Cyber table Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera (klondike)
19/08-2018 21:00
Workshop OpenPGP (or whatever) Fingerprint Verification Graffen
21/08-2018 19:00
Lightning Talk PBa in IT security Morten Nielsen
No instances scheduled yet
Talk Package Mis-Management Bach & Böck
21/08-2018 11:00
Meetup Qubes User Meetup, meet, greet, workshop, tips and tricks Kramse aka Henrik Kramshøj
20/08-2018 21:00
Talk Repeatable, functional builds with Repeatr Eric Myhre
20/08-2018 19:00
Talk Return of Bleichenbacher's Oracle Threat (ROBOT) Hanno Böck
21/08-2018 14:00
Workshop Saxo Bank HackMe! Graffen
21/08-2018 13:00
Talk Setting up the DECT network for Bornhack Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera (klondike)
18/08-2018 18:00
Talk State of the network Kramse aka Henrik Kramshøj
22/08-2018 11:00
Lightning Talk Striso, development of a new musical instrument Piers
No instances scheduled yet
Talk The Dankort is insecure and illegal Thue Janus Kristensen
19/08-2018 19:00
Meetup The Striso and other synthesizer stuff Piers
20/08-2018 20:00
Talk The analogization council Anders Kjærulff
22/08-2018 14:00
Meetup Tor Relay Operators Meetup Alexander Færøy
18/08-2018 21:00
Slacking Off Trip to Tejn open air hot tub and sauna Graffen
17/08-2018 19:15
20/08-2018 19:00
Workshop Ulovlig Logning: T-shirt tryk 👁️ Foreningen imod Ulovlig Logning
22/08-2018 11:00
Meetup UncensoredDNS Users Meetup Thomas Steen Rasmussen
21/08-2018 21:00
Workshop User-testing as a service elisa and rootkate
19/08-2018 11:00
Talk VXLAN Security or Injection Kramse aka Henrik Kramshøj
19/08-2018 15:00
Workshop WhatTheHelmet Moem
21/08-2018 13:00
22/08-2018 15:00
Workshop bornmesh introduction and flashing omni
21/08-2018 19:00
Music Act bytebeat livecoding 8-bit noise endonym
21/08-2018 22:00
Workshop coreboot workshop lynxis
18/08-2018 20:30
Lightning Talk status update Benjamin Balder
No instances scheduled yet
Lightning Talk hacking the huawei p9' fastboot (android phone) lynxis
No instances scheduled yet
Workshop ici·bici: a £20 brain-computer interface for your phone, tablet, laptop... Colin Rowat
18/08-2018 16:00
Lightning Talk klondike diff, an improved diff algorithm for making diffs more readable Piers
No instances scheduled yet
Workshop lock manipulation meetup knud
18/08-2018 14:00
Lightning Talk schleuder: encrypt email lists ilf
No instances scheduled yet
Talk something about access control knud
17/08-2018 16:00