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2024 Merch clothing available for preorder Tuesday, Jul 2nd, 2024, 14:48 (CEST)

We are now ready to take preorders for this years merch clothing in the shop.

As the merchandise is produced to order, be sure to complete and pay for your order, as you won't have a reservation until payment is registered.

If you chose to pay in cash on site, please do so as soon as you arrive, and be aware that your merch order will not be ready in the first production batch.

The clothing model and sizes are almost the same as the previous years, though there has been a small revision change in the slim fit t-shirts from our supplier. It's the same series, but has gotten a new product number, though it looks very similar.

All the merch will feature this years logo on the back and a smaller one on the left chest, like the visualisations below:

If you are interested in making your own "special edition" BornHack merch, keep an eye out for an upcoming workshop on the subject and bring your own t-shirt or similar. The transfers stick best to new and unwashed clothing, and stuff with a lot of synthetic materials can be tricky as they tend to melt easily.

Last Chance for Village Gear Monday, Jul 1st, 2024, 12:56 (CEST)

The last chance to order tents, tables, chairs and other village gear is Thursday 4th of July at 20:00 CEST / 18:00 UTC!

We had to move the deadline a day up, in order for our supplier to be ready with the tents, so be sure to order as soon as possible.

Tent Floors Available Friday, Jun 7th, 2024, 15:17 (CEST)

A participant suggested we make it possible to rent tent floors in the webshop without getting the tent itself, for people who have their own village tents but need a floor.

This is a good idea and we have today added individual 1x2m floor boards to the shop. It is up to you to figure out the right number to cover the area of your tent.

Please include in the order comments where you want the floor placed if you want it to be built when you arrive.

Tents, Village Gear and Hack Packages in the Shop Friday, Jun 7th, 2024, 14:41 (CEST)

Remember to get your tents, tables, chairs and other village gear in the webshop. If your village needs a big shared tent and you would like the tent to be built and ready when you arrive you can consider renting it.

We have also added hack packages to the webshop. As usual we have three diffent packages (small, medium, and large), and they all have some full week tickets, some one-day tickets (valid for any day), a tent, some tables and chairs, and some HAX (the local BornHack currency). Packages cost about the same as the sum total of the individual items they contain, so they are not a "deal" they are just an easy way to go to BornHack in style - sometimes useful when the employer is paying.

Village gear and packages must be ordered by Friday the 5th of July 2024. The tents will be ready for use no later than July 17th at noon (12:00 CEST, 10:00 UTC) when the event begins, probably a few days before. Rented tents must be clean, empty and ready for teardown on July 24th at noon (12:00 CEST, 10:00 UTC) when the event ends.

Tents will be placed in General Camping unless you want it somewhere else. You can help orga by communicating where you would like your village tent placed in good time before buildup. You can put the information in the comment of the order, or write to our info email and tell us your order number and where you want the tent built.

Fridge shelves and Caravan Tickets Available Friday, Jun 7th, 2024, 14:40 (CEST)

We have added the first 50 fridge shelves to the webshop, some more will be added once we actually receive the fridges and see how many shelves each fridge has.

We have also added 10 additional caravan tickets to the shop. A regular car parking ticket is not included so remember to get one of those as well in case you are bringing a caravan and will be parking your car in the car park.

The CFP is still open, please submit your content as soon as possible. The program is already taking shape!

A bunch of villages have appeared on the website, remember to go register yours!

If you want to help building BornHack you can consider showing up a few days early for buildup or even better: staying a few days after the event for teardown. No special skills are needed and you only need to work as much as you want to. If you want to join a team you can check the list but you can also just show up and offer your help.

BornHack 2024 Kickoff Tuesday, Feb 20th, 2024, 13:01 (CET)

We are again having the BornHack 2024 kickoff at our venue Hylkedam from Wednesday the 8th to Saturday the 11th of May. We hope that a lot of our volunteers will drop by to help shape the 2024 event. It will be a good opportunity for new volunteers to select which teams to participate on, and help get those teams started.

The main kickoff meeting will be on Thursday the 9th of May, we expect people to show up during the morning for meet'n'greet, then we'll have lunch and begin the kickoff. The 10th is for more planning of the years team activities, and extra hanging out/socialising. We plan on leaving the venue on 11th after cleaning. You are welcome to show up in the evening on Wednesday the 8th, but please let someone from Orga know if you plan to do so.

Tentative plan:

Wednesday the 8th of May:

Thursday the 9th of May:

Friday the 10th of May:

Saturday the 11th of May:


You can participate only in the actual kickoff on 9th of May, or you can grab a bed in one of the cabins (or bring a tent) and stay for a couple of nights. Expect the whole thing to be casual, but in particular the evening of the 9th and all of the 10th will have plenty of social and relaxation time.

Participating in the kickoff is free, but it is appreciated if you can chip in around 100,- DKK/HAX (around 14€) for food per day. We will do our best to make the kickoff available virtually, but the internet connection at Hylkedam is not very good between BornHacks, so no promises.

See you! Or follow the live-stream at http://xgsobitduxv7gcc5qlveigwiku7qcjn5exf4ayusw4mwq7kfrapmrjyd.onion/ or

Village Registration Open! Monday, Feb 19th, 2024, 15:00 (CET)

It is now possible to register your BornHack 2024 village!

Registering your village is an excellent way to make sure people can find you, advertise your interests, and attract new people to the village.

Villages are clusters of tents typically built by a group of friends, a hackerspace, a group with a shared interest (like the best programming language in the world, or the niche operating system you run that everybody else should switch to ASAP, and so on.) It is not a requirement to stay in a village when you place your tent at BornHack, but it can be an excellent way to meet new people.

You can see a list of villages from BornHack 2023 here.

Remember that our Code of Conduct applies to village names and descriptions.

You can register your village here.

BornHack 2024 Tickets Available Monday, Feb 12th, 2024, 14:48 (CET)

As some of you have already noticed, the webshop is now open for tickets for BornHack 2024!

The usual ticket types are available: full-week tickets for adults and children, one-day tickets, caravan tickets, car park tickets, and cabins. Tents, fridges, and other village gear are unavailable and will be announced later.

A standard ticket is 1337 DKK. If you can pay more than the standard 1337 DKK for a ticket, please do so; it is highly appreciated. It allows us to have cheaper tickets available in the shop for hackers with smaller budgets.

BornHack 2024: Call for Participation Sunday, Jan 7th, 2024, 15:39 (CET)

The BornHack 2024 Call for Participation is open!

We are looking for talented, humorous, inspiring, and/or provocative speakers to host talks, workshops, and other events to make the official program at BornHack 2024 live up to the high expectations set by previous years. If you have something interesting to say, we want to hear it! Read our Call for Participation to learn more and submit your content today.

We prefer submissions as early as possible to have more time to plan the final program and coordinate with speakers. Please submit it sooner rather than later.

Please note that BornHack now takes place in July rather than August, as it has in recent years.

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