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BornHack is at Driving IT '19 2019-11-01

A handful of BornHack organisers found their way to Driving IT 2019. Come find us at the BornHack stand and check out our cool badges and talk about the event with some of the people who make it.

You can also join our Driving IT mini Secret Token Game and win a ticket, badge or bottle of booze.


Party friday at 22:00 2019-08-22

We are having a party tomorrow from 22:00 in the BornHack village in the Cold North area at CCCamp to celebrate that BornHack went well. Come by and help us drink all the leftover booze. Bring mixers!

Sponsor announcement: Zibra Group 2019-08-15

We are happy to announce Zibra Group as Gold Sponsor for BornHack 2019. They are sponsoring equipment and worktime for the wifi and more. Visit them at

Sponsor announcement: Dansk Magisterforening 2019-08-14

We are thrilled to announce Dansk Magisterforening as new Silver sponsor. They stepped in with very short notice to co-sponsor our 2019 badge. Visit their website at

Sponsor announcement: Dansk IT 2019-08-14

We are happy to announce Dansk IT as sponsor again this year. Dansk IT is an association for Danish IT professionals. They have been sponsors since 2017. Learn more at

Sponsor announcement: Epson 2019-08-14

Epson is a Silver Sponsor for the second year in a row.They are sponsoring the video projector and canvas we use in the speakers tent. Visit their site at

Sponsor announcement: HK Samdata 2019-08-14

We are happy to announce the return of HK Samdata as sponsor this year. They were also sponsors in 2016. You can visit their site at

Sponsor announcement: Umbraco 2019-08-14

We are happy to announce Umbraco as new sponsors for #BornHack 2019. Umbraco is the Danish company behind the open source .NET CMS Umbraco. Visit their site at

Sponsor announcement: Spiir 2019-08-14

We are happy to announce Spiir as new sponsors for 2019. They're hiring an Android reverse engineer:

BornHack 2019 merchandise ready! 2019-08-12

We have now completed the production of all pre-ordered and paid merchandise. Come get it at the infodesk! Be sure to have your merchandise ticket on hand.

If you have ordered but not yet paid for your merchandise you can pay at the infodesk and we will have it ready soon. We have bought some extra clothing, so it is possible to order merchandise in the shop again while stocks last. These orders will also be printed on-site and ready for pickup soon.

The BornHack 2019 Secret Token Game has begun! 2019-08-12

We have hidden a number of tokens at BornHack. They may be on the website or on physical items. They may be in the clear or they can be obfuscated or encoded.

The tokens are 32 bytes long and conform to this regular expression (

If you think you found a token you have to visit the BornHack website under /token/ to see if it is valid. For example, if you found the string dEq4Q9wUGqkGvzdTDUA39gRDkVSRHmqS you would visit while logged in to register your find. If the token is wrong you will receive a 404 page.

You can go to to see a list of the tokens you’ve already found.

Please don’t brute-force the tokens, it would take forever, and creates an unhealthy load on our servers.

Anyone who finds all the tokens will win a prize. At the Goodbye World talk on Wednesday we will announce the winners.

Happy hunting!

Lightning talks at BornHack 2019-08-10

On Sunday, 11th of August, and Wednesday, 14th of August you have the opportunity to give a 5 minute lightning talk. A lightning talk is an excellent opportunity for inexperienced speakers to share an interesting idea, presentation, or maybe just a small story. Please create one or more slides and submit your talk on the website. We still have many open slots!

Hello World moved to 21:00 2019-08-08

We've moved the "Hello World" welcome talk from 19:00 to 21:00 this evening, giving the #BornHack participants two extra hours to build their tents and villages.

Happy building!

Sponsor announcement: Django Denmark 2019-08-01

We are happy to have Django Denmark as new Silver Sponsor this year. Django Denmark is an association which hosts and supports education and networking activities related to Django. Read more about its upcoming event Djangoday 2020 at

Sponsor announcement: Silicon Labs 2019-08-01

It is great to have Silicon Labs as sponsor for the Happy Gecko ultra low power micro controllers on our badge this year. More about Silicon Labs at

Sponsor announcement: Den Bornholmske Spritfabrik 2019-07-31

We are happy to announce that Silver Sponsor Den Bornholmske Spritfabrik is supplying bar inventory again this year. Den Bornholmske Spritfabrik is among the small group of sponsors that have been with us since the beginning! Visit their site at

Sponsor announcement: Dansk Metal 2019-07-31

The Danish Union of Metal Workers (Dansk Metal) is returning as bicycle sponsor this year, making it possible for participants to borrow bicycles for free at the infodesk. Visit them at

Sponsor announcement: LetsGo Fleet Systems 2019-07-30

We are happy to announce LetsGo Fleet Systems as Silver Sponsor again this year. LetsGo is sponsoring the shuttle bus which will transport participants during the week. They're hiring -

Sponsor announcement: Prosa Ung 2019-07-30

Our loyal Platinum Sponsor Prosa Ung is sponsoring the Food Area instead of the Prosa Bus this year. Read more at and visit their website at

Sponsor announcement: DKUUG 2019-07-29

It is great to have DKUUG back as Platinum Sponsor again this year. DKUUG is the Danish Unix User Group and has been Platinum Sponsor since we started. Like in the previous years it is paying for our speakers tent including transportation. Visit them at

Sponsor announcement: CSIS 2019-07-29

The Danish infosec company CSIS has loyally sponsored every BornHack since the beginning, and it is returning as sponsor again this year! Visit their site at

Prosa Ung as Food Area Sponsor - No Prosa Bus This Year 2019-07-28

One of our biggest and most loyal sponsors Prosa Ung has generously sponsored the extremely popular "Prosa Bus" from 2016-2018. The Prosa Bus offered participants cheap and easy transportation to/from Bornholm. This made a lot of sense because Bornholm is a bit far away from everything. But the new venue Hylkedam is only ~3km from a train station, which means it is much easier to get to and from.

With that in mind we have asked Prosa Ung to sponsor our new Food Area instead of the Prosa Bus this year, and they have agreed. Prosa Ung will continue as Platinum Sponsors like the previous years.

Participants looking for cheap transportation instead of the Prosa Bus can check out the DSB Orange tickets.

Merchandise available in the shop 2019-07-26

The 2019 edition of the merchandise is available in the shop now. It is the same brand of clothing as the previous two years, so you can also compare sizes with previously bought merchandise.

Please get your order in no later than July 31st, so that we will have a chance at getting the right sizes in time. All merchandise orders will be delivered at BornHack.

The Agency for Governmental IT Services – Statens It at BornHack 2019-07-26

The Agency for Governmental IT Services – Statens It is exploring the feasibility of building an open-source PC workplace platform together with other government bodies. The platform will be called SIA 1 Open and is intended for non-office workers in government institutions such as museums or environmental agencies. SIA 1 Open targets users whose primary work does not include using IT systems. In many cases, the cost of commercial software prohibits distribution of the agency's basic IT services to this type of employee.

The platform should provide the user with a browser, mail client, calendar, word processor, spreadsheet program, vpn client, and a file sync client. A back-end environment which manages software updates and users should manage the endpoints. The back-end should host mail and file services as well. The back-end will utilize the agency's OpenStack cloud service.

At BornHack, Statens It will host four workshops where all interested people are invited to participate in a discussion on how to design the SIA 1 Open platform. Which software products shall be used? How to implement it? How should administration and automation of the platform be handled? What are the issues to consider? These and more questions will be raised in the following four workshops:

Rented Village Gear Deadline Extended 2019-07-24

Last chance to get your rented village gear (tents, tables, chairs, fire extinguishers) has been moved to July 30th at 23:59 CEST.

Go to the shop to place your order!

Cooking at BornHack - Fridges Available! 2019-07-17

At BornHack we want to make it easy for people to cook their own food. We have two very nice food vendors this year, but we know from experience that many participants like to cook alone or in various social food clubs that pop up during the week.

You can rent one or more fridge shelves to keep your groceries cool. It has taken a while to sort the new fridge supplier, but finally the fridges are now available in the shop!

The prices are the same as last year: 200,- DKK for a fridge shelf, and 100,- DKK for a drawer.

Car Park Tickets and Caravan Tickets 2019-07-08

This year we've introduced two new ticket types to be aware of.

One is the Car Park Ticket which you need if you want to use the car park for your car. The Car Park Ticket is 100,- DKK for the full week, and you will be able to drive the car during the week if you need to. The parking area is conveniently close to the main entrance. Please not that for fire safety reasons it is not permitted to sleep in the cars in the car park.

The other new ticket type is the Caravan Ticket which you need if you want to sleep in a caravan, autocamper or other sleeping vehicle inside the camping area. These vehicles will not be able to arrive or leave during the event, except in special cases. The Caravan Ticket is also 100,- DKK.

You can buy both of these new tickets in the Transportation category in the webshop with whichever payment method you prefer. You can even pay them in cash on arrival if you wish.

BornHack Info Meeting in Odense 2019-06-18

We are doing an info-meeting in Odense about BornHack on Wednesday, June 26th from 17:00 to 18:00 CEST, as part of EAL Tech Events.

The address is:

Seebladsgade 1
5000 Odense C

We'll try to answer these and any other questions you might have at this info meeting.

Be sure to sign up for the Facebook event if you use Facebook.

BornHack 2019 and CCCamp 2019-06-16

First things first: There is no conflict in dates between BornHack 2019 and CCCamp 2019! It is possible to attend both events and experience two great hacker camps this summer.

The BornHack organisers are looking forward to both events, and we are planning to pack up and move much of BornHack to Germany and set it up again as a BornHack village in the "Nordic Cluster" called The Cold North.

We are going to leave the BornHack venue on August 18th around noon. The plan is to drive to the CCCamp in a convoy and arrive for setup in the evening of the 18th. We encourage all BornHack participants who are also going to CCCamp to join our convoy and travel with us. You can either stick around and help with the teardown (we can always use the extra hands), or you can leave on the 15th when BornHack 2019 is over, and come back on the 18th when we drive to Germany.

We are bringing a big truck which has room available for some tents and luggage. We have no room to carry people, so you will need your own car to join the convoy. You are welcome to travel with the convoy even if you don't have any plans to stay in the BornHack village at CCCamp.

Bonus link: Convoy 1978 movie Theme Song [Youtube]

New Bank Account 2019-05-13

We have switched bank from Arbejdernes Landsbank to Folke Sparekassen which is a non-profit bank and better aligned with our values.

This means that we have a new bank account for bank orders. The next time you place a bank order please do not use the old account number, or we wont get the money.

The new bank account details are:

Bank Name: Folke Sparekassen
DK Reg No: 9860
DK Account No: 747866
IBAN: DK0398600000747866

Announcing 2019 Logo and Tagline 2019-05-12

We are very happy to finally announce the 2019 tagline and logo.

If you went to our 2019 kickoff at the new venue Hylkedam then you've already heard the tagline. You might even have seen the logo if you follow @BornHackBadge on Twitter.

The tagline for 2019 will be:

A new /home

since we are moving to a new venue this year.

We are very happy with how this years logo turned out. It was designed by Martin Nagel Larsen. Remember to let him know if you like the logo, you might be able to find him on this years camp.

Without further ado, here is this years logo:

And in this years colour #FFED00 and with a nice star background it makes for a great desktop wallpaper (4K resolution):

20 Foot Container Needed 2019-04-07

We are looking for a 20 foot standard shipping container to store BornHacks things in. If you know of one we can have cheap (or free!) then please get in touch ASAP. We can take care of transportation to Funen.

The container needs to be in decent shape, completely waterproof and not about to rust away.

Please help spread the word!

Information About Kickoff/Fieldday 2019-03-03

The 2019 Kickoff is very soon now. We've gathered some information you might need:


Hylkedamvej 54
5591 Gelsted


Saturday, March 9th, 2019. We've included an approximate timetable below, but expect unexpected delays and plan accordingly :)

What To Bring


Saturday evening at 20:00 we will eat a well-deserved dinner and celebrate a successful kickoff. The organisers will prepare pita breads with various stuffing, suitable for both omnivores, vegans and vegetarians.

Sunday morning from 10:00 we will have a lovely breakfeast and get ready to leave. The menu is freshbaked buns with bacon and eggs as well as various cereals with milk.


The venue has 50+ bunk beds as well as extra loose mattresses. We expect it to be more than enough for everyone. The beds are distributed in 5-6 rooms so expect to share a room with some fellow hackers. Remember to bring a sheet and sleeping bag!


Participation in the kickoff is free, including food and accomodation. We appreciate a small donation for the food if you can afford it, but mostly we are just thrilled that you are willing to spend your weekend planning BornHack.

Bar Leftovers

We are bringing some leftover stuff from the bar, some which expires before BornHack 2019, so we need to get rid of it. Mostly mate, cocio, vodka, akvavit, sevablødda, and other liquid goodies. Card payment or bank transfer is possible. The vodka and akvavit are with the BornHack custom labels from 2018. Prices will be low!

Final Words

We are very excited about the kickoff and we hope to see many people there. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask us through the usual methods :)

See you!

BornHack 2019 Tickets for Sale 2019-02-12

We are happy to announce that it is now possible to buy your ticket for BornHack 2019 in the shop! This will be the fourth BornHack, for the first time at our new venue Hylkedam on Funen.

We have kept the prices at the same level as the previous years. A regular full week Adult Ticket is 1200,- DKK. Child Tickets are available for 450,- DKK. Student Tickets are 900,- DKK and we have the Budget Ticket for 600,- DKK for hackers with tight budgets.

We also have more expensive tickets available (and remember Bitcoin payment is possible! :)) for hackers who are able to pay a bit more. The Hacker Ticket is 1337,- DKK and the Supporter Ticket is 1800,- DKK.

Finally we have Corporate Tickets available for 2500,- or 5000,- DKK if you have an employer paying the ticket.

We have the usual payment options available. We prefer Bank Transfer (but please remember to pay the fees in your end!) or Blockchain payments. You can even pay cash if you happen to find yourself near an organiser. Finally we do accept Credit Cards, but we ask that you consider using the other options first.

Go get your tickets in the webshop now!

BornHack 2019: Call for Participation is open 2019-01-22

The BornHack 2019 Call for Participation is open now!

We are looking for talented, humorous, inspiring, and/or provocative speakers to host talks, lightning talks, and workshops at BornHack. We welcome first time speakers!

We are very open to different topics. We expect that the majority of the presentations at BornHack will be on security, networking, programming, distributed systems, privacy, community, and how technologies relate to society.

Read the BornHack 2019 CfP and submit a proposal! The deadline for submission is the 1st of June, 2019.

Please note that BornHack 2019 is taking place on the island of Funen instead of Bornholm.

BornHack 2019 Kickoff March 9th 2019-01-15

The BornHack organisers would like to invite all volunteers to join us at the BornHack 2019 kickoff Saturday, March 9th, at the new venue Hylkedam.

The address is Hylkedamvej 54, 5591 Gelsted. Let us know if you need a pickup at Gelsted train station.

The rest of the evening can be spent talking more about BornHack while enjoying a popup instance of #wip_bar. If you wish to spend the night you just need to bring a sleeping bag. The place has plenty of beds to choose from. After breakfeast sunday we pack up and leave the venue.

We hope that many of our great volunteers want to join us to make 2019 the greatest BornHack yet!

New Venue for BornHack 2019 2019-01-13

BornHack is moving to a new venue!

We are moving BornHack to a more central location in Denmark, on the west side of Funen. The new venue is called Hylkedam. The address is Hylkedamvej 54, 5591 Gelsted – which is on Funen.

Why Move

We love Bornholm, but transporting people and stuff to and from the island is expensive. Ferry tickets can be hard to get, especially with trailers or large vehicles. These concerns obviously apply to participants too – availability and convenience means a lot when people are planning participation in events.

The secluded location also means that some things are much more expensive than in the rest of the country – such as tent rental. We had to rent tents elsewhere and transport them to Bornholm, because it was cheaper, even with the transport.

Jarlsgård is not ideally suited for camping – the open areas are not very flat, and the flat areas are covered by forest. This makes it difficult to find a suitable site for a large village.

Neighbours are very close to Jarlsgård on both sides. Noise complaints are hard to avoid. The Jarlsgård venue is small enough that we found it difficult to place the Bar and Noisy Areas far enough from the Quiet Area to avoid conflicts.

The New Venue

Hylkedam is similar to Jarlsgård (the previous venue) in a number of ways. Hylkedam is owned by The Danish Scouts and is primarily used by scouts – just like Jarlsgård.

Hylkedam has a bunch of other advantages over Jarlsgård though, apart from just the location on the map.

Hylkedam is almost four times larger than Jarlsgård – 189.000m² vs 50.000m². Part of the venue is forest and all of it is lovely and protected nature – just like on Jarlsgård.

Hylkedam is more suitable for camping: It is made up of large, flat grass areas naturally separated by bits of forest. This layout is ideal for separating the various areas of BornHack, such as the Family Area, Caravan Area, Quiet Area, Noisy Area and so on. The venue is mostly surrounded by forest – the neighbours are far away (except for one area). The ground is sandy like on Bornholm, thus water will sink fast in case of heavy rain.

Hylkedam is much more conveniently situated in relation to public transportation. Only 3.5km to walk from the train station in Gelsted means our Shuttle Bus Team will have much shorter trips to make. Grocery shopping is available in the same town, and it has a hardware store and other neccesities as well.

Ticks on Funen have a significantly lower chance of carrying Lyme disease. The first three years of BornHack at Bornholm all had cases of Lyme disease – some more serious than others.

Hylkedam is further from the ocean than Jarlsgård was – but the nearest water is still pretty close.

What About the Name?

BornHack will keep the name. Bornholm will always be part of our history. The friendships and relationships we've built with people, suppliers, and sponsors there will last forever. But realistically many of the local suppliers of food, drinks and services we've been using will have to be replaced with new suppliers, which are local to the new venue.

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