Hannes Mehnert

Hannes Mehnert researches in several engineering areas: from programming languages (such as compiler optimisation visualisation, type systems) over full functional correctness proofs of object-oriented code, development environments for dependently typed languages, to network protocols (TCP/IP) and security protocols (TLS, OTR). He feels safe in a garbage collected environment, and appreciates purely functional goodness.

In his spare time, Hannes is not only a hacker, coauthor of a book on indian cuisine and functional programming in JavaScript, but also a barista and likes to travel and repair his recumbent bicycle.

Since beginning of 2018, Hannes works on a non-profit to put MirageOS into production (http://robur.io). He used to be a postdoc at University of Cambridge working with the semantics, systems, and security group.

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Talk MirageOS: what did we achieve in the last year?

MirageOS is a library operating system where specialisation of the running image is done at compile-time. This leads to single-purpose systems with a minimal attack surface, where lots of layers of complexity (file system, scheduler, process management, virtual memory subsystem) are avoided.

This is a continuation of earlier talks at Bornhack (2016, 2017), and will go into detail of some active projects, such as: community repository signing (for secure updates), DNS infrastructure, a prototypefund.de-sponsored CalDAV-server.

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