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Reproducible builds are important. Tools for making builds repeatable are thus important; and tools which make it both simple and more likely that users will check and expect reproducibility are desirable.

We'll present and do a live demo of Repeatr and the Timeless Stack: tools for hash-addressed dependency management and building with containers. These tools are open-source and designed to be usable by anyone, and especially, to operate completely decentralized. By using hash-addressed systems for files, we can easily mirror things anywhere; by using containers, we can pursue pure functional builds; and by specifying an API for these together, we can get build systems which are completely contextualized: so you can hand a build instruction to anyone, and they can execute it unambiguously.

And we can go further: by using hash-addressed filesystems to describe both inputs and outputs, and defining some hashing schema for container execution itself, we can make immutable and repeatable descriptions of whole systems. In other words: we can begin breaking down the distinction between source and binary distribution completely!

For fun, we might do some things like demo Repeatr building Repeatr building Go building Go building Repeatr.

These tools all have a JSON API and after the talk let's see what else we can build together!


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  • Monday Aug. 20 19:00 - 20:00 at Speakers Tent