Introduction to Network Analysis - Now Without BuzzwordsNone

Welcome to the wild frontier in computing where the most complex tooling available are nothing more than the equivalent objdump in reverse engineering.

  • Every system can be exploited if directly targeted.
  • Static signatures cannot deal with heuristics.
  • Raw data/packet captures have way too much noise to analyze.
  • Packets do not contain network information.
  • Why am I seeing RFC1918 traffic on my WAN?
  • Is that private/public address internal or external to my infrastructure?
  • Why is this documentation an abstract painting?
  • Why is the US DoD contacting that Chinese host?
  • Why did I capture a packet of the US DoD making contact with a Chinese host?
  • Why does Broscript have no bignum, when I am using it to count an infinity amount of packets?

Is network analysis actually a real job?


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  • Friday Aug. 17 15:00 - 16:00 at Speakers Tent