Boiling the ocean: Cooking with Qubes and MirageOSNone

A computer security-fundamentalist's tale of dogfooding "MirageOS on the desktop" piece-by-piece with Qubes, rooted in the ongoing development of a secure image viewer application and a GnuPG-replacement in OCaml.

We will be going over design considerations, security implications, the beautiful long hours spent trying to make sense of prose-based, ambiguous protocol specifications, live demos, and much more!

No prior knowledge of Qubes [1] / MirageOS [2] / OCaml required (the first shot is free!), but a little bit of familiarity with operating systems and terminals may make it more interesting. For the less ascetically inclined, we will be playing Pong in privilege ring0 to the tune of the Tetris soundtrack, and the Bornhack logo will hopefully grace us with its on-screen presence.

[1] [2]


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  • Tuesday Aug. 21 17:00 - 18:00 at Speakers Tent