Trip to Tejn open air hot tub and saunaNone

We have booked Friday and Monday evenings at from 20:00 until we feel like we've had enough. You must bring your bathing suit/trunks and a towel (and an extra towel to sit on in the sauna if you prefer to do that in the buff).

There is a limit of six people per day due to the size of the sauna and hot tub. If we exceed the limit on Friday, those people will have first priority on the Monday trip.

We will depart the BornHack site at 19:15, please be punctual. Our meeting place is in front of Simon's food wagon, by the flag pole.

If you wish to bring something to drink (suggestion: beer), you can buy "to go" at the bar before we leave. We will try to bring a bucket of ice to keep things cool during transport and event.

The price of participating is 65 hax per person to cover the cost of renting the place and to cover some of the cost of driving there in Mikjaer and BlackThorne's cars. We ask that you please pay the fee when you sign up for the event. To sign up, just find Graffen or Mikjaer around the site. You can ask one of the organisers if you don't know how we look.

And finally: We prefer that you're an adult or can at least act like one. Considering the time of the event we don't expect this to be an issue :)


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  • Friday Aug. 17 19:15 - 22:00 at External
  • Monday Aug. 20 19:00 - 22:00 at External