elisa and rootkate

elisa: former archaeologist, tech funder. researches FOSS ecosystems and non-capitalist modes of innovation. rootkate: is trained as historian of technology and curates knowledge and objects. She's the Prototype Fund's Head of Outreach.

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Workshop User-testing as a service

Rarely seen, often misunderstood: Users are an elusive species that is hardly ever involved in the development process of software, especially if it is FOSS. We don't know why that is, but here we are:

We are to tech-happy, friendly beings who want to bring users and developers together.

You are a developer? Then we can share some easy tricks about how to evaluate the usability of your shiny new software tool, and how to get user feedback that is actually worth it. We are happy to be your test users, and to give you instructional, positive feedback. Let’s take this ride together and improve the thing we all love: tech.

You are a user? Great, so are we. We can show you which feedback actually helps the developers, and which doesn't.

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