If this is your first hackercamp the term 'Village' might be confusing but it is fairly simple: a village is just a spot on the campsite where you and a bunch of your friends/likeminded people camp together. Apart from peoples individual tents which they sleep in, many villages bring a large common tent where you can hack and hang out during the day. It is also possible to rent a tent, chairs and tables in the shop!

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Name Description Public
CSV - Crazy Sherwood Village

The village where everything is comma seperated.

Join #CSV on Baconsvin :)

Cult of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

“Accept His Noodly Magnificence into your heart, into your soul, and ye shall forever be free. R'Amen.” —Ragu

a Dutch camp of Quob worshippers, having the intention of praising The Flying Spaghetti Monster and maybe share some Dutch Culture (like a screening of New Kids Turbo). Feel free to drop …

Den anden slags hackere (eng: "The other kind of hackers")

Come by and say hello.



We are a Copenhagen based hackerspace with a wide range of activities. Software, network, electronics and various types of crafts and digital manufacturing.

We are coordinating our participation at the Labitat wiki. If you would like to join, please add yourself on the wiki page or get in touch with …


Team Moose will continue to research into the sound of a moose (or possibly meese) licking a microphone. Perhaps someone will remember to bring salt licks this time?

Seriously ... we're just a bunch of lazy hackers who like cooking meals together at hacker camps.

Network Warriors

We do networks and will try to gather networkers, network equipment and such close to the Bornhack NOC, so we can talk about networks. Main goal is to learn from each other, work on our own projects, have fun.

There will probably be a biggish TV/monitor - if you want …


Your noisy neighbor!!

We got the tent that goes DAK DAK DAK DAK DAK DAK DAK (sometimes WOMP WOMP WOMP and UMF UMF UMF), some cool lighting, beverages and fucking AWESOME atmosphere!

The village (which is just a 6 man tent with 2 people in it), welcomes everyone …

PROSA Village

We are PROSA, the association of IT-professionals in Denmark.

They guys/gals with the bus 🚌 & a plethora of boardgames 🎲


CTF organizers, student organization and so much more.

We have all the flags!


v01d village will be back in 2018. more coming soon.