Colin Rowat

Colin and his sons have been participating in and giving workshops at hacker camps since EMF 2014.

They started the ici·bici in 2016, seeking to build an inexpensive kit that could do for BCI what Google's Cardboard had done for VR.

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Lightning Talk: Diplomacy AI

AIs can beat humans at some of the highest profile two-player games of complete information (e.g. chess, go and possibly DOTA 2).

Diplomacy is a seven player board game in which negotiations (private, non-verifiable, non-enforceable) play a central role.

There is an annual Diplomacy AI competition, using the Read more


    Not scheduled yet

Build and use the world's first £20 brain-smartphone interface to enter text on your phone by thinking (well, we're getting there...)! This project drops the cost of brain-computer interfaces by using your smartphone, tin foil and a bathing cap in the hope of doing what Google Cardboard did for VR. We explain the theory (steady-state visually evoked potential) behind the text entry app. Now in eight colours!

Each icibici workshop is stand-alone: come to one to buy and build your kit; … Read more


  • Saturday, Aug 18th, 2018, 16:00 (CEST) - Saturday, Aug 18th, 2018, 17:00 (CEST)