Peter Stuge

Peter is a software and hardware hacker with a growing interest in politics who lived in Malmö, Sweden until 2010, when he relocated to Berlin, Germany. He started disassembling electronic devices as a child and was eventually able to also re-assemble some of the devices. Later he started creating his own devices, and he greatly enjoys leveraging both hacking and engineering in his work today. Professionally Peter has worked in fields such as hosting, software and hardware training, development of business applications, web frontend and backend, BIOS, OS kernel drivers, industrial hardware and embedded software, system security in general and mobile phone network security in particular, and reverse engineering of software and hardware.

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Keynote Hardware, Politics and Hacking

In a society with increasing divides, hacking is an important force for good.

This talk explores the business and politics of x86 machines, and goes on to argue that Hacking, the Hacker Attitude and the Hacker Ethic are both vital for society and completely natural.

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