Magnus Lång

A PhD student at Uppsala University, Sweden, Magnus Lång has always been interested in technology and how things work, disassembling any machine he got his hands on. At a later age he got interested in software, and applied for the Computer Science program at his local university. He is currently researching techniques and tools for systematic, primarily exhaustive, testing of concurrent software.

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Talk An tutorial on exhaustively testing threaded C or C++ with Nidhugg

In this tutorial I will teach you how to use a tool called Nidhugg in order to unit test your multi-threaded C and C++ programs with the same guarantees and similar ease that you're used to testing single-threaded programs with.

I will give you a high level overview of what tools like Nidhugg are and how they work, and where the current state-of-the-art is. Through a series of examples, I will walk you through the process of adapting a test case for use with a tool like Nidhugg, and how to read it's output when it finds a problem. I will build you up to an example where we (re)discover and fix a bug in nontrivial real-world code, most likely from the Linux kernel.

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