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I help translate the GNU project and I am a volunteer for Technoethical.

I believe that free software and free-design hardware are part of a free society.

In this talk you will listen to what Libreboot is, what is needed to flash it and a small panoramic of free software including the Trisquel GNU/linux distribution.

This talk:

  • what the Libreboot project is
  • you will see one of the programmers you can use to flash Libreboot on a compatible laptop
  • you will listen to presentations on various free operating systems such as Trisquel and Parabola.
  • I'll also talk a little on the Free Software and Free-design Hardware philosophy.
  • Hardware 100% compatible with free software
  • Libreboot workshop presentation *...

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To be recorded?: Yes

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  • Sunday Aug. 19 11:00 - 12:00 at Speakers Tent