Onion Bandwidth ScannerNone

Tor bandwidth authorities run bandwidth scanners to measure the relays' bandwidth capacity in the Tor network. They send their results to the directory authorities, which use them to calculate the bandwidth weights of the relays, which influences how clients choose paths through the network. Therefore, bandwidth measurements play an important role in the performance and security of the Tor network.

In this talk, we will cover (roughly) :

  • issues with the current bandwidth scanner
  • other implementations
  • other approaches
  • the new bandwidth scanner
  • bandwidth stuff in tor-core
  • comparative result graphs
  • what else we could do?
  • your ideas on possible attacks
  • your ideas or questions


To be recorded?: No

URLs for Onion Bandwidth Scanner

Homepage: https://onbasca.rtfd.org


  • Wednesday Aug. 22 13:00 - 14:00 at Speakers Tent