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I will arrange for a free one day sport climbing trip to Mosel√łkken Stenbrud with an instructor in safety and climbing technique (me). Everyone is welcome regardless of how hard you climb (Mosel√łkken is notorious for having loads of routes in the 4-5 range for beginners).


  • I, and BornHack, do not take payment nor legal responsibility for others safety, but I will make sure that anyone that goes with me won't come to harm if you follow my directions (check your personal insurance). This is a normal meet-and-climb climbing trip :)
  • I do not have extra equipment, so you need to bring your own harness, shoes and helmet(!) at the very least.
  • I will exclude or call the police for anyone that acts irresponsibly and endangers them self or other people.

How can you participate you ask? Contact me on IRC 6nbtgccn5nbcodn3.onion or (TLS port 6697). My name is Xiao :) Or find me in the Pwnies village.


To be recorded?: No

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  • Tuesday Aug. 21 10:00 - 18:00 at External