lynxis started using in coreboot since 2014 with an Thinkpad x201 to replace the wifi card with a good wifi card. He never manage to get away from and coreboot and started contributing to coreboot across different platforms. He is also hosting the coreboot meeting in Berlin from time to time. (next meetup will taken place on 30. Oct).

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Workshop coreboot workshop

The coreboot workshop is open to everybody who likes to know more about coreboot. You can also bring your device to compile and install it. I'll guide you through the full procedure starting from compiling over disassemlbing and flashing. Depending on your device, this can be quickly done in under 30 minute or might take 1h longer.

You can also send me a mail in advance to know, if it's supported or not.

Scheduled Instances of "coreboot workshop"

Lightning Talk hacking the huawei p9' fastboot (android phone)

I've broke my phone, it won't boot anymore to android. There is still the bootloader, but it tells me "You don't have the permission to repair it". In the talk I'll show my progress in reverse engeneeug the bootloader, what I've found out and what are my further strategies to repair it.

Scheduled Instances of "hacking the huawei p9' fastboot (android phone)"