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Most users are not aware that lower levels of the software in their computer have privileged and unmanaged access to the hardware. That is why it's a matter of both freedom and privacy to have free drivers, free firmware and free BIOS running on your computer.

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During this workshop a volunteer of Technoethical will show you how to install Libreboot, a fully free BIOS. If you have any Libreboot-compatible device, you can bring it for the installation.

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I am Marco, I volunteer for Technoethical since not long ago and I have limited skills in this field atm. So far I have flashed Libreboot only on these laptops: Lenovo X200 and Lenovo T400, and have assisted with flashing a Lenovo X200s that is the laptop I currently use. Flashing on the X200s requires soldering wires on the flash chip and it's beyond the scope of this workshop.

I haven't tried a lot of smartphones with Replicant as an OS, but from my experience I can suggest you the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (N7100), and the Samsung Galaxy S3 (I9300).

At the workshop I will bring Technoethical WiFi mPCIe cards 100% compatible with free GNU/Linux-libre distributions and endorsed by the FSF.

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In this workshop: *Libreboot flashing *Replicant installation *F-Droid

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Technoethical is a free software project focused on compatible hardware. Headquartered in Romania and with members in countries on three different continents, our project is mainly supported through worldwide sales of hardware compatible and pre-installed with completely libre OS/BIOS.

We are proud to have the largest catalog of over 15 hardware products certified by the Free Software Foundation to Respect Your Freedom. Richard Stallman himself has chosen Technoethical for his computer, a ThinkPad T400s liberated by us. This is our flagship product and currently the most modern x86_64 laptop to work with a fully free BIOS.

Our international team is regularly invited to free software conferences around the globe to deliver workshops on how to liberate computers and smartphones. If you like our work, you can visit our website To get in touch, send an e-mail to


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  • Wednesday Aug. 22 11:00 - 14:00 at Workshop Rooms