Debat om Dansk IT-politikNone

This event is a Panel Discussion in Danish. The overall topic of the Discussion is Danish IT politics.

The panelists are Danish politicians who has views and ambitions for Danish IT politics, but professionals, influencers and debaters / bloggers will also join the panel.

The specific topics (in Danish) are:

  • Open source i det offentlige
  • Big data i det offentlige
  • Automatisering og kunstig intelligens - hvad er planen?

The purpose of this event is to have a discussion between technicians and politicians about current events in IT politics in Denmark.

The members of the panel are:

  • Lisbeth Bech Poulsen, MF (SF)
  • Karen Melchior (R)
  • Michael Ørnø, Direktør, Statens IT
  • Poul-Henning Kamp, Udvikler og blogger

We want the technicians to educate the politicians on technical aspects of IT legislation. We also want the politicians to educate the technicians on why things are not necessarily as simple and clear-cut as they sometimes seem. We want everyone to walk away with new knowledge, new contacts, and a better sense of where we are headed as an IT dependent society.

The event will be moderated by Anders Kjærulff from the Danish radio program "Aflyttet".

We hope that a lot of the technicians present at BornHack will take this opportunity to make your voice heard and move things forward. Shouting on Twitter will only get us so far, at some point we have to interact with politicians if we want things to change.


To be recorded?: Yes

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  • Monday Aug. 20 13:00 - 15:00 at Speakers Tent