Inventor, music instrument builder and measurement maniac, currently spending his time developing a musical instrument (the Striso) and putting sensors in anything interesting to measure. Furthermore interested in nature, self sufficient living and geodata. Can't resist to always keep improving the tools he uses, one of the reasons to love open source software and hardware.

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Lightning Talk Striso, development of a new musical instrument

For the last years I've been working on new musical instruments, based on the idea of arranging the notes in a more logical and intuitive way, based on the circle of fifths.

The Striso is an electronic instrument combining this layout with pressure and direction sensitive buttons, giving an enormous range of musical expression. While the Striso has an embedded synthesizer and amplifier, I'm now focusing on a simpler version that sends MPE midi over USB to an external synthesizer, for example the open source Axoloti board.

I'll give an introduction, demonstration and insights about the choices I've made during the development. Afterwards there's plenty of time to try it out (in another tent I guess).

See striso.org for more information

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Meetup The Striso and other synthesizer stuff

Time to play and experiment with music, and try the Striso, the new musical instrument I'm developing. I'll bring a couple of Strisoboards, Axoloti's, a Striso and a Sensel Morph with Striso overlay.

You're invited to bring everything synth, midi or otherwise music instrument related, let's make some sound! Home made instruments and MPE controllers and synths like the Linnstrument or Seaboard are extra welcome. See http://www.rogerlinndesign.com/other-mpe-controllers.html for a short intro to MPE

See striso.org for more info about my instruments.

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Lightning Talk klondike diff, an improved diff algorithm for making diffs more readable

Current diff algorithms produce hard to read diffs when committing changes that the current diff algorithms don't like, like whitespace changes or commenting out parts of code. I'll present my effort at creating a more readable diff output.

The code can be found at https://github.com/pierstitus/klondiff and integrates well with git.

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