Thomas Flummer

Electronics engineer having a lot of fun combining electronics with artwork to make interesting electronic badges for hacker events.

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Talk #badgelife

This talk is specifically about this years electronic badge for Bornhack, some tech specs, introduction to hacking it and a bit about the expansion options. But this talk is also about some of the other awesome badges that has been made for other events either official ones or the plethora of creative creations that badge makers spend a lot of time and money creating for others to wear and hack at different events.

Scheduled Instances of "#badgelife"

Workshop Making Art Using Printed Circuit Boards

In this workshop, we will look at how PCBs are made and the different parts that go into them. We will then look into how we can use or maybe abuse this to make artistic pieces of electronic.

For this workshop, you will need to bring your own computer and have the following pieces of software installed:

To get the most out of the workshop, please make sure that the above software is installed and running. Pay special attention to Inkscape on macOS, where you need to have XQuarts installed for it to work.

Scheduled Instances of "Making Art Using Printed Circuit Boards"