Tents, Village Gear and Hack Packages in the Shop 2024-06-07

Remember to get your tents, tables, chairs and other village gear in the webshop. If your village needs a big shared tent and you would like the tent to be built and ready when you arrive you can consider renting it.

We have also added hack packages to the webshop. As usual we have three diffent packages (small, medium, and large), and they all have some full week tickets, some one-day tickets (valid for any day), a tent, some tables and chairs, and some HAX (the local BornHack currency). Packages cost about the same as the sum total of the individual items they contain, so they are not a "deal" they are just an easy way to go to BornHack in style - sometimes useful when the employer is paying.

Village gear and packages must be ordered by Friday the 5th of July 2024. The tents will be ready for use no later than July 17th at noon (12:00 CEST, 10:00 UTC) when the event begins, probably a few days before. Rented tents must be clean, empty and ready for teardown on July 24th at noon (12:00 CEST, 10:00 UTC) when the event ends.

Tents will be placed in General Camping unless you want it somewhere else. You can help orga by communicating where you would like your village tent placed in good time before buildup. You can put the information in the comment of the order, or write to our info email and tell us your order number and where you want the tent built.