Fridge shelves and Caravan Tickets Available 2024-06-07

We have added the first 50 fridge shelves to the webshop, some more will be added once we actually receive the fridges and see how many shelves each fridge has.

We have also added 10 additional caravan tickets to the shop. A regular car parking ticket is not included so remember to get one of those as well in case you are bringing a caravan and will be parking your car in the car park.

The CFP is still open, please submit your content as soon as possible. The program is already taking shape!

A bunch of villages have appeared on the website, remember to go register yours!

If you want to help building BornHack you can consider showing up a few days early for buildup or even better: staying a few days after the event for teardown. No special skills are needed and you only need to work as much as you want to. If you want to join a team you can check the list but you can also just show up and offer your help.