If this is your first hackercamp the term 'Village' might be confusing but it is fairly simple: a village is just a spot on the campsite where you and a bunch of your friends/likeminded people camp together. Apart from peoples individual tents which they sleep in, many villages bring a large common tent where you can hack and hang out during the day. It is also possible to rent a tent, chairs and tables in the shop!

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Name Description Public
BornHack Orga

This village consists of a diverse gathering of creatures that share a mutual interest in contemporary high (fashion|visibility) safety equipment. You will often see us roam the BornHack landscape wearing yellow vests while looking for the next potential disaster to prevent or cause.

At night, we will spawn out of …


On the camp no one knows you're a dog. Unless you bark at them. Bark bark bark.

A cozy sanctuary that all are welcome to join furry or not. We will have an electronics setup, pixelflut and more!

Crazy Sherwood Village

We're back! Pretty much as usual. The same people, the same location (at least as last year), the same colemans and the same shenanigans!

Most of us hail from TheCamp, but hangarounds are also present.

Creative shader coding & Infiniband village

We will be hosting a week-long shader jam at Bornhack. Shaders are programs which run on the GPU calculate the colour of each pixel individually each frame. If you're new to this, make sure to see the introduction talk to learn some techniques. You'll be able to code on your …

Network Warrior Weekend Camp NWWC

We do networks and will try to gather networkers, network equipment and such close to the Bornhack NOC, so we can talk about networks.

There will probably be a screen to show presentations and a small program of network related presentations, so come by and show of your network projects.

Promille IT

Drunk IT, drunk coding…. Just a lot of drunk hacking and fun. Mostly people from Odense University Hospital, but also with hangarounds. Our camp is private, but visitors are still welcome to stop by.

We like rum and coke wink wink

Straight outta Fondue!

Village by & for chaos-adjacent humans from Switzerland.

Planning here: (German)