BornHack 2024 Kickoff 2024-02-20

We are again having the BornHack 2024 kickoff at our venue Hylkedam from Wednesday the 8th to Saturday the 11th of May. We hope that a lot of our volunteers will drop by to help shape the 2024 event. It will be a good opportunity for new volunteers to select which teams to participate on, and help get those teams started.

The main kickoff meeting will be on Thursday the 9th of May, we expect people to show up during the morning for meet'n'greet, then we'll have lunch and begin the kickoff. The 10th is for more planning of the years team activities, and extra hanging out/socialising. We plan on leaving the venue on 11th after cleaning. You are welcome to show up in the evening on Wednesday the 8th, but please let someone from Orga know if you plan to do so.

Tentative plan:

Wednesday the 8th of May:

Thursday the 9th of May:

Friday the 10th of May:

Saturday the 11th of May:


You can participate only in the actual kickoff on 9th of May, or you can grab a bed in one of the cabins (or bring a tent) and stay for a couple of nights. Expect the whole thing to be casual, but in particular the evening of the 9th and all of the 10th will have plenty of social and relaxation time.

Participating in the kickoff is free, but it is appreciated if you can chip in around 100,- DKK/HAX (around 14€) for food per day. We will do our best to make the kickoff available virtually, but the internet connection at Hylkedam is not very good between BornHacks, so no promises.

See you! Or follow the live-stream at http://xgsobitduxv7gcc5qlveigwiku7qcjn5exf4ayusw4mwq7kfrapmrjyd.onion/ or