Jimmi Kristensen

Jimmi has a passion for distributed systems and is a strong proponent of microservices architectures and believes in their stability and maturity for large-scale production systems. He works as an engineering manager at TV 2 Denmark where he leads an awesome team focused on delivering robust and reliable video streaming platform for customers. He is a strong believer in DevOps culture, is serious about building highly available and scalable services-based applications and he loves all things Architecture, Groovy, Java, Microservices, Cloud, GraphQL, and building simple solutions.

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Talk A Journey to GraphQL

TV 2 is a commercial broadcasting station based in Denmark. Beside traditional broadcasting TV we also run a video streaming service called TV 2 PLAY which serves both video on-demand and TV 2s own live channels.

Based on TV 2 PLAY I will be talking about our journey from REST based APIs to a GraphQL API, our motivation for doing so, and what we have learned.

In the talk I will:

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Talk Be Cynical

Testing distributed applications, such as microservices, can be difficult. In production, when network is involved, and you have multiple integration points, all sorts of bad things can happen to your newly shipped microservice.

In this talk I will take you through and show:

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