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Testing distributed applications, such as microservices, can be difficult. In production, when network is involved, and you have multiple integration points, all sorts of bad things can happen to your newly shipped microservice.

In this talk I will take you through and show:

  • a demo REST-based microservice built with Micronaut, Testcontainers, Mountebank and Circuit Breakers.
  • different scenarios that shows why it is difficult to test microservices and why it’s important that we think destructive as engineers.
  • why it’s important that your application is cynical to protect itself from failures. demonstrate how to test different scenarios that can happen to your microservice in production, such as slow response, network errors, timeouts, invalid response, unexpected response, etc.
  • how all this can be automated through continuous integration.


To be recorded?: Yes

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  • Saturday Aug. 10 15:00 - 16:00 at Speakers Tent