What is BornHack? Info by the Orga team

What is BornHack?

BornHack is a 7 day outdoor tent camp where hackers, makers and people with an interest in technology or security come together to celebrate technology, socialise, learn and have fun. Participants hack on their own projects, learn from each other, discuss, use, dissect and modify technology and much more. BornHack provides power, internet, and other necessary infrastructure, the participants bring everything else.

When is BornHack 2019 happening? Info by the Orga team


BornHack 2019 starts Thursday, August 8th, 2019 at noon (12:00). It will be possible to access the venue before noon if for example you arrive early in the morning or want to help with the build-up. But please don't expect everything to be ready before noon :)


BornHack 2019 ends Thursday, August 15th, 2019 at noon (12:00). Rented village tents must be empty and cleaned at this time, ready to take down. Participants must leave the site no later than 17:00 on the closing day (or stay and help us clean up).

Where is BornHack going to take place? Info by the Orga team

The venue

Venue coordinates: 55.385601, 9.939074
Main entrance: Next to Hylkedamvej 52, 5591 Gelsted
Parking space: Between Hylkedamvej 52, 5591 Gelsted and main entrance

Participating Info by the Orga team


We are happy to announce that it is now possible to buy your ticket for BornHack 2019 in the shop!

A regular full week adult ticket is 1200,- DKK. Tickets for children aged 5–15 are available for 450,- DKK. Student tickets are 900,- DKK and we have the budget ticket for 600,- DKK for hackers with tight budgets. If you are able to pay a bit more please consider getting the hacker ticket for 1337,- DKK or the supporter ticket for 1800,- DKK. For those who can't attend the whole event we offer day tickets. Finally we have corporate tickets available for 2500,- or 5000,- DKK if your employer is paying the ticket.

We have the usual payment options available. We prefer bank transfer (but please remember to pay the fees in your end!) or blockchain payments. You can even pay in cash if you happen to find yourself near an organiser. Finally we do accept credit cards, but we ask that you consider using the other options first.

Call for participation

We are looking for talented, humorous, inspiring, and/or provocative people to host talks, lightning talks, workshops, and music acts at BornHack. We are very open to different topics and welcome first time speakers. Please have a look at the call for participation to find out more.


If you are interested in volunteering at BornHack 2019 please have a look at our teams. Every helping hand is welcome and there are many different tasks for every skill level. If you've never volunteered at an event like this before you should really consider it. It is a great way of meeting new people, and it feels good to be a part of creating a great event like BornHack.

The festival build-up period begins on the 5th of August at 12:00. We are looking for people to help out setting up and tearing down before and after the festival. We are looking into a free transport option from Copenhagen to the venue for people who are interested in arriving a couple of days early and staying two days longer. More information will be available once we get closer to the event. We can't offer discounts or free tickets to volunteers unfortunately.

Please sign up for a team if you plan on showing up on the festival grounds early. We need to have an overview of available hands during the build-up and teardown as early as possible. Your team lead will be able to let you know when your presence on the field is needed.

Code of conduct

We are committed to making BornHack an inclusive and welcoming event for everyone. Please read our code of conduct. The most important rule is: Be excellent to each other.

Photo policy

If you want to take photos or recordings to remember and share your experience at BornHack please follow our photo policy: Respect the privacy of the other participants and ask everyone who is going to be in a picture or in a video for their permission beforehand! That means you can't take pictures of a crowd of people if you haven't obtained consent from everyone in front of the lens. If you are asked to delete a picture of someone or to put away your camera please conform to the request.

The BornHack photo team will be wearing colourful wests while they document the event. They will of course also comply with the photo policy.

In case you have been recorded without your permission please ask the photographer nicely to delete your picture. If you are experiencing any trouble please contact an organiser.

Travel information Info by the Info team

By train

The nearest train station is Gelsted Station, about 3km from the venue. Use https://journeyplanner.dk to plan your trip to Gelsted station.

You can arrange a shuttle pickup (free of charge) by writing to the shuttle team, see the shuttle bus section for more information.

By car

Getting to BornHack by car should be quite straight forward. Just note that access to the venue is from the north (by Hylkedamsvej 52), and not through the south which most GPS's indicate. The last bit of the road is a narrow and bumpy dirt road.

Also note that when arriving by car we require you to buy a car park ticket for your car. The parking space is located between Hylkedamsvej 52 and the main entrance.


If you have a spare seat in your car, please consider putting it on the rideshare to help other hackers to get to BornHack! Don't forget to leave some contact details.

Accommodation Info by the Info team


BornHack is first and foremost a tent camp. You need to bring a tent to sleep in. Most people go with some friends and make a camp somewhere at the venue. See also the section on villages – you might be able to find some like-minded people to camp with.

Caravans and autocampers

Caravans, autocampers and other sleep-in cars are welcome on BornHack. The area east of the main camping area is a caravan area.

Please note the following rules regarding caravans:

  • It will not be possible to arrive or depart caravans during the event except special cases. It is too dangerous to have people driving about on the venue.
  • We do not have facilities for emptying the chemical toilets used in caravans.
  • It is possible to get a power hookup for the caravan, but see the power section of this page regarding plug types.

Please buy a caravan ticket so we know how many caravans or other sleep-in vehicles to expect.

Note that it is strictly forbidden to sleep at the parking lot due to fire safety rules.

Cabin rooms

We rent out a few cabin rooms at the venue with 10 or 13 beds each for people who don't want to sleep in tents for some reason. A tent is the cheapest sleeping option (you just need a ticket), but the cabin rooms are there if you want them. Go to the shop to book a bed or a whole cabin room.

Venue Info by the Orga team

Venue map

High resolution map (~20MB)

The map is divided into a 10x10meter grid which has been given coordinates. We have outlined the important areas of BornHack on the map.

  • General parking is just outside the entrance, on the way in. During camp there will only be very limited driving on site (official vehicles only). In case of a fire the meeting point is at the parking lot.
  • The red areas in the edges of the map are off limits and not part of BornHack.
  • The dark green area in the very top from U4 to X6 is the nature area. This area have NOT been cut down, so the grass and other plants grow a little high here.
  • The green area from V8 to X11 is the family area. Read more about the family area below in the family area section.
  • The teal area next to the family area from AB11 to AG9 is the quiet area. Read more about the quiet area in the quiet area section.
  • The light blue area in the middle between N18, AB15 and U23 is the general camping area.
  • The darker blue area on the east side of the road from Y20 to AD16 is the designated area for caravans.
  • The purple area in the middle of the map around AF23 is the bar.
  • The yellow area south of the bar from Y31 to AD35 is the noisy area. Read more about the noisy area in the noisy area section. Please direct the noise east!
  • Around N47 either in or close to the house is where the workshop rooms can be found.
  • Toilets and showers are located at M46 close to the building, R31 between the speakers tent and the food area and lastly around X25 close to the bar and general camping area.
  • The orange area in the middle around V33 is the food area, where you can prepare meals or buy something from our food vendors.
  • The white area at J32 is the speakers tent.
  • The light green areas in the bottom around M49 (part of the house) are the cabin rooms.
  • The pink area in the bottom around J52 is the wellness area.
  • The special interest sign around R52 indicates a special protected area, with an old farming technique called Ridge and furrow. You are allowed to walk around and hang out here, but no camping outside of the designated camping areas

Family area

We want BornHack to be an event for hackers of all ages! The family area has ample camping space and lots of grass to play around in. If you intend to camp here please bring (and share) any outdoor games you might have.

Got ideas for the family area? Join us on IRC on #bornhack-family @ irc.baconsvin.org!

Noisy area

Close to the bar area is the noisy area. This is where you should place your tent / camp / village if you expect to make a lot of noise. Please direct the noise east!

Quiet area

Noise will not be tolerated here. If getting an uninterrupted night's sleep is important to you, you should consider pitching your tent here.

Infodesk and CERT Info by the Info team


The infodesk is where you go to find an organiser when you have questions of any kind. The infodesk is also where you go

  • to get your wristband, badge, and any merchandise you preordered,
  • buy Hax coins or other items from our small kiosk,
  • for the lost and found, or
  • to book one (or more) of the available BornHack bicycles.


CERT is short for Community Emergency Response Team. In case of a dangerous situation (accidents, fire and so on) these are the people to contact.

While the infodesk is open (from 12:00 to 20:00 every day) the CERT people can be reached here. Outside infodesk opening hours CERT can be reached at the official BornHack phone number which is +4531550497. This number is open 24 hours.

Fire and evacuation instructions

In case of a fire

  • alert the organisers and everyone else,
  • evacuate to the meeting point at the parking lot, helping disabled or sensory-impared people,
  • inform the fire department under 112, and
  • try to extinguish the fire, if possible and safe.

Detailed fire and evacuation instructions are available at the infodesk and online in English and Danish. Please also take notice of our rules regarding barbecues.


Although a very small creature, a tick can do a lot of damage. So make sure to check yourself for any ticks that might have latched on to your body (a good time is when taking a shower). There is a lower risk to catch Lyme disease from ticks on Funen than there was on Bornholm but please still be aware and consider vaccinating yourself before the event.

If you discover any and don't have the tools to get rid of it properly, go to the infodesk and borrow a tick remover.

Bar Info by the Bar team


The bar area is the place to go when you are all hacked out and want to socialize with the other participants. Enjoy a cold beer or drink and some music, and discuss your projects with the people around you.

Opening hours will be compatible with the average hackers drink/sleep cycle. Remember to drink water!

Hax coins

The local currency at BornHack is called Hax. 1,- Hax is worth 1,- DKK. Only participants with a wristband can buy Hax. They are available at the infodesk or next to the bar when the infodesk is closed. Hax can be used to make purchases at the bar, the food stands, and the infodesk. The bar doesn't accept other currencies.

Electronic badge Info by the Badge team

Badge hacking

If you want to have a look or want to put your own code on the badge, the place to get started is the GitHub repot at https://github.com/bornhack/badge2019

If you have made something cool, feel free to make a pull request, so that we can put it into the main repot.

Food and groceries Info by the Info team

Kitchen tent

Part of the food area is a large kitchen tent where participants are invited to cook their meals. You must bring your own dishes and other cooking/eating equipment.

The kitchen for BornHack 2019 will feature

  • lots of seating, both covered by roof and in the open,
  • running hot and cold water and tables for food preparation,
  • ample barbecue capacity, including a barbecue exclusive to vegans/vegetarians (we sell charcoal in the infodesk),
  • a bunch of pots and pans for your boiling and frying needs (picture below),
  • hot plates for heating said pots and pans,
  • a set of toastie/panini/whatever makers (picture below), and
  • a couple of microwave ovens.

Villages without a kitchen of their own are invited to utilize this area for cooking. Please clean up after yourselves! :)


It is possible to rent a shelf or drawer in the fridges provided in the food area. If you rent all 6 shelves of a fridge as well as the drawer you can take the fridge to your village. Go to the shop to order.

You are also welcome to bring your own fridge or cooling box as you see fit.


We know that hackers like to cook for themselves for many reasons, not limited to vegetarian/vegan diets. Everyone is encouraged to cook their own food, either in their own village kitchen or in the kitchen tent.

Please note that for fire safety reasons it is strictly forbidden to set up coal powered barbecues on the camp grounds. If you want to cook with coal use the big barbecues in the food area or the distinguished fireplaces!

Gas and electrical barbecues are allowed in villages, as are gas burners and cooking plates/hotplates. However, fire safety is very important at a tent camp. Thus, if you have an open flame in your village, you have to make sure that the area under the flame cannot catch fire. Place your gear on bricks/blocks, and avoid having a really bad day.

Food vendors

We are lucky enough to have two food vendors at the venue. One of them sells smørrebrød, a Danish kind of open-faced sandwich. The other sells burgers, both with meat and vegan.

Vegans and vegetarians

Vegans and vegetarians are welcome at BornHack. You can cook your own food in the food area, where we have a large (1 meter diameter) barbecue reserved for vegan and vegetarian food. The food vendors also sell some vegan food.


Before you can cook anything you need to get some groceries. The closest place to buy groceries is SuperBrugsen (08:00–19:00) approximately 3km away at Gelsted. About 13km from the venue there is a larger selection in Aarup. There you can find

  • REMA 1000 ($, 07:00–21:00),
  • Netto ($$, 07:00–22:00),
  • Fakta ($$, 08:00–21:00) and
  • MENY ($$$, 07:00–21:00).

For going grocery shopping you can borrow a bicycle or book a ride on the shuttle bus, both free of charge. See the section on getting around for more info.

Getting around Info by the Shuttle Bus team


At BornHack we have bicycles available to borrow for free. They come with helmets, locks and lights. No one should spend a week on Funen without seeing a bit more of the island. If you want to go sightseeing, grocery shopping, or just feel like riding a bicycle, you should take advantage of this offer.

To book one or more of the bicycles go to the infodesk and make a reservation. It is free.

Shuttle bus

The BornHack shuttle will be available for transporting participants to and from the local trainstation in Gelsted. It's the regional train between Odense and Fredericia.

If you are arriving from Odense, you will need to cross the tracks (towards the front of the train), the shuttle will wait behind the red station building.

The shuttle holds about 4 passengers and normal luggage for 4 people (it's probably going to be a stationcar-ish one). If you have large stuff, please let us know so that we can coordinate with a larger car for those things.

To let us know you need transportation, please e-mail shuttle@bornhack.org with identifying information (eg. your name or handle), information about what train you are arriving or leaving on and lastly, how many you are and roughly how much stuff you are bringing. You can also call the BornHack phone at +4531550497, but e-mail is preferred.

Please e-mail or call us at least 24 hours in advance, so that we can coordinate and make sure there is someone to pick you up.

The shuttle will also be available for grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping

During the event the shuttle will be taking participants to and from grocery shopping. We are aiming at a grocery run before lunch and one in late afternoon and the times will be coordinated so that they do not clash too much with the train. Times will likely be with departure from the venue at 10:30 and 16:45.

We will most likely only do shopping runs to the supermarket in Gelsted, but might do exceptions in special cases. The shuttle can't wait outside for hours while participants are shopping. You need to pick up your groceries in max. 20 minutes. We might do a longer one with about 1 hour to do the shopping on the first or the second day (most likely the afternoon one), for those that would like to shop for all days in one go.

If you are interested in this please let the shuttle bus team know, see the shuttle bus section for contact info.

Network Info by the NOC team

Internet connection

BornHack will have a 1Gbit fiber uplink to the outside world supplied by Glocal Connect. We have requested a temporary IP assigment from RIPE NCC on both IPv4 and IPv6 so there will be public IP space for every device.

We will have both wired and wireless networks. The default networks will run with public internet addresses (v4 and v6), so you must protect yourself with a firewall at all times. There is a filtered "protected" network available on wireless intended for tablets and other devices not designed for direct internet access.

The wireless network is provided by BornHack Dont bring radio equipment without talking to organizers and NOC. There will be mesh network experiments, DECT, orga radio etc. So please keep off the frequencies, or stay within the ones you agree with organizers. Thank you.

Wired network

The wired network will provide DHCP but also allow manually configured IP addresses, using peg DHCP (RFC 2322). If you want to set up servers we recommend to do so with static IPs. You can also use static configuration on clients to avoid attacks involving rogue DHCP servers and similar.

To get connected

  • Bring a long network cable. 30-50m is recommended standard Ethernet copper RJ45
  • find the nearest PoP - it is box on a pallet wrapped in plastic.
  • put your cable out and leave the end near the PoP
  • tell NOC team on IRC or via internal phone
  • wait for the NOC to connect it, do NOT connect it yourself.

When you want to be disconnected, leave the cable rolled up near the PoP, notify NOC and the NOC team will disconnect it.

Wireless network

There will be multiple wireless networks, using standard IEE 802.11 5GHz and 2.4GHz.

We provide multiple wireless networks:

  • bornhack- the standard network with public ipv4 and ipv6 adresses and direct internet access (both ways).
  • bornhack-nat- filters incoming traffic on ipv6 and uses NAT on ipv4. This is light protection.
  • bornhack-ipv6- an ipv6-only network for testing internet without using ipv4.
  • bornhack-8021x - uses WPA2 Enterprise with 802.1x aka EAP-TLS, where any credentials can be used. There is no central user management or account creation, we just use EAP-TLS to get the encryption it provides for individual users.

We will provide a wireless network which is put behind NAT, which is similar to usual guest networks. Note: NAT IS NOT SECURITY, use caution always – turn the firewall on. We will also provide a wireless network without NAT.

We are trying to cover a large area with wifi, and thus limit noise and conflicting signals, so we kindly ask you to NOT set up your own wifi. TL;DR: Use the provided wifi and don't set up your own AP. :-D If you need to know why, please read this article about rogue access points from EMF Camp.

Power Info by the Power team


We are working on sorting out the details. Sockets will be standard European 230V supply with Danish type K socket. Standard red 400V 16A CEE plugs will also be possible (but please contact the organisers to make sure).

If you make sure to bring ~50m power cord, you should have no problem finding a camp site. Also, remember that you can ask the camp next door if you can connect to their power.

European type F plugs (both CEE7/4 and CEE7/7) are compatible with type K sockets, but ground is not connected. We have a limited number of type K to type E adapters with ground for sale at the infodesk. The type E socket is compatible with the CEE7/7 plug.

People staying in caravans, please note that you will not be able to connect the blue 230V CEE plugs into the Bornhack powergrid. You will have to bring a male plug compatible with the above.

Showers and toilets Info by the Info team


BornHack has nice shower facilities. The showers will be cleaned twice daily and should be more than sufficient for our needs. The showers are not divided into genders (unisex) since they are individually lockable. There are 6 showers inside the main and toilet buildings and more in the toilet container.


The toilets are unisex like the showers. The toilets will also be cleaned twice per day, so they should be nice. There are toilets in the buildings and we'll put up a container with more toilets.

Telephone network Info by the POC team


There will be a DECT and SIP telephone network at BornHack. Most GAP and CAT-iq phones should work (which usually is any wireless landline phone made from 1997 onwards and a few from before then as the GAP standard was published on December 1995). You can find some of these phones on the list of supported DECT phones. You can register a number via https://pad.tyk.nu/p/dect. If you don't have a DECT phone the POC team has a few extra, just write in the pad that you wish to borrow a phone. Bring your phone, stay connected and call for free to other people using the network :)

Villages Info by the Info team

What is a village?

If this is your first hacker camp the term 'village' might be confusing but it is fairly simple: A village is just a spot on the campsite where you and a bunch of your friends/like minded people camp together. Apart from people's individual tents which they sleep in, many villages bring a large common tent where they can hack and hang out during the day.

You don't have to stay in a village if you don't want to, putting up a tent somewhere by yourself is perfectly fine. Having a camp with friends without calling it a village is also fine.

Registering a village

You can register your village here! If you don't want to make your own village you might be able to find and join one that suits your interests. Get in touch with the orga team if you have any questions!

Renting village tents

Villages can also rent village tents via us. The tents will be ready when you arrive and will be taken down again after you leave. The tents have optional floors and you can rent folding tables and chairs as needed. You do not have to register a village or have a concept to rent a big tent.