BornHack 2019 Teams

About teams

This is a list of the teams for BornHack 2019. To join a team just press the Join button, but please put some info in your profile first, so the team responsible has some idea who you are.

You can also leave a team of course, but please let the team responsible know why :)

Team memberships need to be approved by a team responsible. You will receive a message when your membership has been approved.

At BornHack 2019 all organisers and volunteers buy full tickets like everyone else. At future events our budget may allow for discounts or free tickets for volunteers, but currently it does not.

We currently have 1 teams for BornHack 2019.

Name Description Responsible Members Tasks
Orga Team

The main organisers. This team defines the other teams, and delegates tasks to them. All tasks are Orga responsibility until they are delegated to another team.

Alexander Færøy,
Lasse Andersen,
Tobias Fonsmark,
Vidir Valberg Gudmundsson,
Flemming Jacobsen / Batmule,
Thomas Steen Rasmussen / Tykling