Mateusz Jurewicz

Machine Learning Engineer at Tjek A/S, PhD candidate.

Previous experience:

  • software engineer at Intel - working on the flagship Nervana machine learning project.
  • business analyst at a number of companies - both startups & larger corporations

Passionate about cognitive psychology, simplicity of code and artificial intelligence in all its forms.

Really nerdy about dungeons and dragons.

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Talk Machine Learning Crash Course

Goal of this presentation:

  1. To introduce people without a machine learning (ML) background to the basic concepts of modern ML.
  2. To give you an overview of what's currently happening in the field (bird's eye overview).
  3. To provide specific resources for each branch of ML, which you will be able to further investigate if interested. (entry-points)
  4. To demonstrate a real-life example of applied ML.
  5. Possibly to discuss long-term perspectives on ML and Artificial Intelligence.

No specific prior experience is required, some familiarity with linear algebra might be helpful, but the intention is for this talk to not exclude non-technical audience members. The content of the talk is subject to changes closer to the delivery date.

Scheduled Instances of "Machine Learning Crash Course"