I am Marco, from Italy.

Last year there have been interest in Libreboot from some hackers, so here I propose the workshop again.

I am not affiliated, nor I develop Libreboot. I just like sharing.

I have nothing against Coreboot either, as you can read in the abstract.

I am just a free licences lover.

I also love plants and evolution.

I hardly think, it might looks like I am staring and thinking about something, but I usually just watch without thinking. Sorry about this.

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Talk Free licences, Ilex guayusa and other legal plants I love

I love evolution, it is fascinating.

I love plants, and I love free licences too.

Last year I had with me some guayusa extracts. This year I'll like to share the little I know about natural legal plants.

I have this curiosity. What if most of the people knew that there is also the free as in freedom of speech choice?

How to get a simple message, that could looks to good to be true, to be spread like a fake news does? Are really true information and science a thing of the past?

It would be nice to get a free as in free beer media coverage of free as in freedom of speech licences in action, RepRap project had the potential to do that, but the speed of its evolution probably found most of the people surprised by it.

Linux got the spotlight instead of GNU back in the days. fwm{fuck.. we missed}.

I have this project in mind... but I am a slowmo. I move at the speed of nothing +0.1

I keep going forward with it, but slowly. In this talk I will introduce some of the plants I love for various reasons.

Such as: Leonotis leonurus, Ilex guayusa, Yerba mate, Calea ternifolia, Nelumbo nucifera, Lactuca virosa.

You can make an infuse with them. Have anyone tried to vaporize them?

Can you make a tincture out of them? How? Why? Why not?

What does adding acid citric to the infuse does?

Why a chili pepper bonsai plant could be useful? Preservation of a gene? Because you are a nerd that want to fork even a plant?

It would be nice to have a small chat about some cool stuff that could get the global media attention, hopefully granting the philosophy behind the GNU project[0], and why not, even the one behind the RepRap project[1] to be known to the "I still do not know that I am an" hacker[*] person. Possibly most of the people.

Just an unachievable desire? Or could be an achievable dream?

You can find info on those plants on wikipedia.

Evolution gave us tons of useful plants, some of them are already illegal, like leonotis and calea, in some country. Can I start crying now? What's next? The ban of cardamon?

Checking how to spell cardamon in wikipedia, I found out that this plant exist: Amomum villosum.

Do you have a correct answer or working strategies for those initial questions?_?

It would be nice to talk about free licences and their derivates, in general, anytime, anywhere.

disclamer: you will probably not learn anything that you could learn following the example of alice in wonderland: casually drinking and eating pretty much anything, with a little bit of reasearch beforehand anyway, not really like alice.

[0] [1] [*] [rms hacker definition]

I feel like I can recommend these leaves: . I am not affiliated with that website, I have ordered guayusa from them too, and I liked it.

forgetica san_

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Workshop Libreboot flashing

Last year the Libreboot workshop was a real hit!!!!

One (1) X200 tablet successfully flashed. He did all the work too. I wasn't even fully awake yet.

I remember one hacker mentioning he had an X200 at home, so there is a fat chance that last year number could be replicated even this year. :) {~O~|~\o/~|~O~}

To be honest I don't really love flashing stuff, but I enjoy sharing the small knowledge I have, and I also like to share the notes I have on libreboot. I do flash from time to time, but I am not as knowledgeable as the typical flasher probably.

So if anyone has a Libreboot compatible chip, why not flash it? If someone better then me want to hijack the workshop, I wont oppose it, I actually encourage this, but then I will probably try to learn something new from the hijacking hacker.

Of course all thanks to Coreboot, without that project, probably there would be no Libreboot. I never forget that the main thank goes to Richard Matthew Stallman. What an hacker he is.

Last year I gave a small talk, I am ignorant, I only talk about things that I pretty much get, like the importance of freedom and sharing and the gratefulness I have towards hackers.

The RepRap part of that talk, for example, was made for just one (1) hacker that told me, the day before the talk, that he never heard about the project, nothing to be ashamed of, 10 years ago some hackers where 10 years old... some even younger.

Do I really feel old yet? Not even a bit.

It is part of the openhardware movement history the RepRap project. Do I love that project? I do. Totally, 3D printers is what I have dreamed of since I was a child, even if they were known as rapid prototyping machines. I managed to build mine in 2011, it took me just 6 months.

It is important to never take for granted knowledge, at any level.

All minds are equally beautiful and different at the same time.

There might be a possibility to get some Technoetical adapters at a discounted price, like it was possible last year. I am a volunteer, I do not make any money with Technoetical. Probably it would be better to just contact them directly, and then I can just carry whatever with me, to avoid shipping costs. Or whatever, I do it for free so...., do I really care? Of course I care about freedom and people working for it.

Flashing Libreboot is of course free of charge.

It has to be sustainable.

forgetica san_

I'll try to bring equipment to flash two (2) chips at the same time doubling the potential of this workshop compared to last year event.

[*] [rms hacker definition]

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Meetup what is nice and what is not about free as in freedom of speech licences

Last year I talked with some hackers about what was nice and what was not about free licences.

Perfection is not something that you can achive easily usually, if it is even possible.

I am curios. And I am genuinely interested on what bother people about free licences.

Not affiliated with any group or institutions, I do support for example but as a paying member.

I tend to "idolize" Stallman, but just because I had the possibility to study a lot tnx to his licences. It is gratefulness not adoration.

Scheduled Instances of "what is nice and what is not about free as in freedom of speech licences"