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Libreboot flashing + GNU flags giveaway Feedback

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Due to unforeseen events, me, Marco, I can not be at BornhHack nor @ ccc, I got an health problem, but Florentin, one of the core member of Technoethical will be present, with GNU flags to give away and adapters at a discounted price, he is the one that was helping me remotely last year, so you are in very good hands!!! Have fun @ bornhack also for me and take care.



Last year the Libreboot workshop was a real hit!!!!

One (1) X200 tablet successfully flashed. He did all the work too. I wasn't even fully awake yet.

I remember one hacker mentioning he had an X200 at home, so there is a fat chance that last year number could be replicated even this year. :) {~O~|~\o/~|~O~}

To be honest I don't really love flashing stuff, but I enjoy sharing the small knowledge I have, and I also like to share the notes I have on libreboot. I do flash from time to time, but I am not as knowledgeable as the typical flasher probably.

So if anyone has a Libreboot compatible chip, why not flash it? If someone better then me want to hijack the workshop, I wont oppose it, I actually encourage this, but then I will probably try to learn something new from the hijacking hacker.

Of course all thanks to Coreboot, without that project, probably there would be no Libreboot. I never forget that the main thank goes to Richard Matthew Stallman. What an hacker he is.

Last year I gave a small talk, I am ignorant, I only talk about things that I pretty much get, like the importance of freedom and sharing and the gratefulness I have towards hackers.

The RepRap part of that talk, for example, was made for just one (1) hacker that told me, the day before the talk, that he never heard about the project, nothing to be ashamed of, 10 years ago some hackers where 10 years old... some even younger.

Do I really feel old yet? Not even a bit.

It is part of the openhardware movement history the RepRap project. Do I love that project? I do. Totally, 3D printers is what I have dreamed of since I was a child, even if they were known as rapid prototyping machines. I managed to build mine in 2011, it took me just 6 months.

It is important to never take for granted knowledge, at any level.

All minds are equally beautiful and different at the same time.

Flashing Libreboot is of course free of charge.

It has to be sustainable

I'll try to bring equipment to flash two (2) chips at the same time doubling the potential of this workshop compared to last year event.

[*] [rms hacker definition]

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  • Wednesday, Aug 14th, 2019, 10:00 (CEST) - Wednesday, Aug 14th, 2019, 12:00 (CEST) at Workshop Room 1