The Wellness Team is in charge of wellness-oriented events throughout BornHack. We have our own secluded chillout zone behind the main building complete with our own fireplace. If you are the kind of person who knows your way around your WODs, are a certified yoga instructor or know how to run guided meditations, you're the kind of person we need on the team. But you can also join if you're just interested in helping out with building a sauna hut, making sure the hot tub is kept fired up or carrying firewood.

If you need to get in touch with the wellness team we can be reached in this signal Group:

Communication Channels

BornHack 2024 teams primarily use mailing lists and IRC to communicate. The Wellness team can be contacted in the following ways:

Mailing List

The Wellness Team does not have a public mailing list, but it can be contacted through our main email

IRC Channel

The Wellness Team does not have a public IRC channel, but it can be reached through our main IRC channel #bornhack on