The Shuttle Bus team needs people with a drivers license (category B, regular car up to 3500 Kg) and comfortable with driving a larger car. Great opportunity to meet a lot of new people!

The shuttle will primarily drive to and from the local train station to pickup and drop of people and in addition do shopping trips to the local supermarket.

The primary tasks for members on this team will be driving the car and we will take turn having shifts.

There are some requirements, since the car is a rental car, so people that are either under 21 or have acquired their drivers license recently will not be able to be approved for the insurance and hence not be able to drive the car.

Communication Channels

BornHack 2024 teams primarily use mailing lists and IRC to communicate. The Shuttle Bus team can be contacted in the following ways:

Mailing List

The Shuttle Bus Team does not have a public mailing list, but it can be contacted through our main email

IRC Channel

The Shuttle Bus Team does not have a public IRC channel, but it can be reached through our main IRC channel #bornhack on