The Merch Team is in charge of selecting, designing and making the merchandise for BornHack, which is primarily T-shirts and hoodies with our branding.

In the time between camps, we plan and design the merchandise, and during buildup and in part also during the camp, stuff like T-shirts and hoodies are produced (decorations applied) to order, so that we hopefully can provide people with the types and sizes they need, without ending up with extra stuff with last year's branding.

Communication Channels

BornHack 2024 teams primarily use mailing lists and IRC to communicate. The Merch team can be contacted in the following ways:

Mailing List

The Merch Team does not have a public mailing list, but it can be contacted through our main email

IRC Channel

The Merch Team does not have a public IRC channel, but it can be reached through our main IRC channel #bornhack on