Thomas Steen Rasmussen / Tykling

I build and run systems, preferrably using FreeBSD, Postgres and Django. I have a healthy interest in security, and I occasionally dabble in networking. I know a bit about DNS, email and other core internet standards.

I've built UncensoredDNS, Hushfile, Certgrinder and many other things, and I am one of the BornHack organisers.

By now I've spent most of my career in the ISP business, I currently work as Unix tech lead for a small Danish ISP which is among the BornHack sponsors.

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Back in 2009 the DNS landscape looked a lot different than it does now. Everyone used their ISPs DNS servers. All of this gestures at everything was fields as far as the eye could see.

Denmark had been forcing ISPs to do DNS censorship since 2006, at the time primarily blocking The Pirate Bay and other copyright/IP related domains. The only serious non-ISP DNS provider in 2009 was OpenDNS, but they did douchy moves like NXDOMAIN redirection at the time, and they had no DNSSEC… Read more


  • Sunday, Aug 11th, 2019, 21:00 (CEST) - Sunday, Aug 11th, 2019, 22:00 (CEST)