Teresa Steiner

Teresa is a PhD candidate at DTU Compute, working on algorithms and data structures. She has an MSc in applied mathematics. Her interest in algorithms is based on a passion for logic and combinatoric puzzles. Additionally, she is concerned about social issues like privacy and fairness of algorithmic decision making. An internship at IST Austria (http://pub.ist.ac.at/crypto/) provided her with some background in cryptography.

Always up for communal singing.

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Talk Differential Privacy - An Introduction and an Application

Differential privacy aims at solving the problem of data anonymization in data analysis, specifically for applications where the background information of an adversary is difficult to estimate. This is often done by adding randomness to the algorithms, which obscures part of the information. The goal is to guarantee that anyone having access to the output cannot with certainty recover individual pieces of information, even if they have additional knowledge about the data set. This usually leads to a trade-off between accuracy and privacy.

The aim of this talk is to:

The talk is aimed at a broad audience. However, some math is unavoidable.

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