Nynne Just Christoffersen

Hi I'm a Copenhagen based software developer with a background in art and design history. I have worked extensively as a backend engineer. Over the last couple of years, I have been an active member in many communities in Copenhagen. Particularly those that aim at mentoring and encouraging newcomers to the field. I am a director of the board at Hack Your Future, am the founding organiser of Rails Girls Copenhagen, organise Google's Women Techmakers program in Copenhagen and am a regular contributor to the tech collective Cybernauterne. I also host discussions on tech and society in CPH Tech Books & Film . Sometimes I give talks at tech conferences and I organize the annual feminist coding retreat Camp Hex.

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Rails Girls Copenhagen has been working on a collaborative open source project since November 2018. While working on a shared project, the goal is also to give all the participants the tools they need to contribute to open source in general. Most contributors are total beginners, with many having to learn the most basic principles of version controlled collaborative work processes as well as fundamentals of programming. With this talk I'd give some key takeaways from our project.

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