Nikolaj Sonne

Nikolaj Sonne is a journalist by trade and a nerd by heart. Between 2009 and 2018 he hosted the DR2 program called So ein Ding, a show that over the years transformed from gadget and tech reviews to a much broader focus on the impacts of technology on society as a whole. Besides making television Nikolaj is also a experienced speaker on various topics centered around technology.

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Keynote Confessions of a nerd - featuring drones, self driving, Ai, surveilence and the doomsday machine

Using a cooler from a Ford Escort, a waterfountain pump, a peltier and home soldered plumbing, Nikolaj was among the first to literally freeze his CPU and "break" the 1GHz clock barrier, back in the previous millennium. Before that he optimized for low wind resistance on a home made recumbent bike. And recently he found the perfect* mixture of paints (black, grey and silver) to optimize the projection screen performance in his home theater.

In this talk - Nikolaj has been diving deep in his extensive back catalogue and has surfaced with stories ranging from a visit in the first Amazon Go supermarket, to phones automagically taking pictures while lying on the table at a hacker-conference to the finest facial recognition China has on offer. There will also be contemplations regarding Ai-driven machines, self driving cars, drones - and how the (Danish) police uses them.

Things will also take a turn for the more philosophical in an attempt to give short and concise answers as to why pervasive surveillance is a problem for democracy and not least try to come up with a good answer for when someone thinks that they have nothing to hide.

Ohh - and if there is time, we will take the doomsday machine for a spin!

Feel free to join - and join the discussion.

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