Niels G. W. Serup

Niels is a computer scientist living in Copenhagen. He recently bought a high-end desktop gaming computer and is desperately looking for ways to utilize it well (suggestions are welcome!).

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Lightning Talk Not Invented Here: My email stack

This talk is just me describing the design of my current email setup: How I receive them, how I filter them, how I read them, how I send them, etc.

On the surface this is potentially boring, but the actual purpose of the talk is to showcase how the Not Invented Here syndrome has organically manifested itself in my day-to-day email-related interactions without me ever really noticing it.

The core part of my email stack currently includes:

It works well, but is not readily portable and only partially good design. Judge for yourself!

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Talk concieggs: An extensible IRC bot architecture with an attitude

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a very basic protocol for text chatting on the internet. In its simplest form, humans use IRC to chat with other humans, but it is also easy to write programs and let humans interact with them over IRC. These programs are called IRC bots and can have many uses: administrative tasks, information gathering, games, and more.

For this talk I want to describe the architecture of an IRC bot called concieggs and why we believe its design is good. See for the code (among other things). I did not invent concieggs, but have contributed to it since 2013; this is joint work with Troels Henriksen, postdoc at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen (DIKU), and many others (please see the contributors tab on the GitHub project page).

This talk will focus on the major aspects of concieggs:

I will also briefly address the question of whether we still need IRC bots, or even IRC, though I will be very biased and likely also complain about whatever proprietary chat protocol is currently riding the hype train.

This talk is introductory in nature and is suited for all audiences, including:

The contents of the talk will occasionally require a good understanding of computer science, but I will make sure to always give the big picture as well.

Scheduled Instances of "concieggs: An extensible IRC bot architecture with an attitude"