Moem has been active in the hacker scene for years; she is a co-founder and active participant of Hack42 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. She is no stranger to OSAA. And if you were at HAR2009, OHM2013 or SHA2017, you entered through the gate that she built. Moem specializes in making things out of other things.

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Workshop Fun with Bleach

We had a lot of fun with this last year, so let's do it again! In this workshop, we will be making boring T-shirts into interesting, unique and cool T-shirts, using bleach and various techniques. Please bring your own boring T-shirts in darker colours; prints are OK and will remain in place. The higher the cotton content of the shirt, the better your results will be. If you want to use existing (simple) designs and (simple) logos, print them on thick paper or thin cardboard and, you guessed it, bring them.

The location of the workshop will be announced here.

Scheduled Instances of "Fun with Bleach"

Workshop Geeky Jewelry

In this workshop, we'll be using computer parts and electronic components to make jewelry. I'll be bringing lots of materials but you can also bring your own. It can be as simple as making pretty earrings from colourful resistors, but we can also venture into more complicated things... let's see what happens. This workshop is suitable for pretty much everyone, including children of 7 years old and up; it's probably a great parent-and-child activity. Let's make some pretty shinies to take home... le geek, c'est chique!

Scheduled Instances of "Geeky Jewelry"