Henrik Lund Kramshøj (@kramse) is an Internet networking and security consultant. He loves the internet and has been working with security since the mid-1990s. Henrik Lund Kramshøj typically works in core internet with setting up secure infrastructures with technologies like BGP, routing, firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Henrik is in favor of free access to strong encryption and control of own data

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Lightning Talk Creating slides using LaTeX

Doing slides can be very frustrating. WYSIWYG programs are often clunky and you dont need the "funny animations" anyway :-D

Using LaTeX allows you to quickly write down text and make them into slides. The power of LaTeX also allows you to link exercise booklets and reference with names, numbers across documents easily.

The talk will present my template for doing this, and link to my repository on Github with examples

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Meetup Qubes User Meetup, meet, greet, workshop, tips and tricks

We will meetup, talk about Qubes OS

We are a group which have moved to using Qubes OS as our primary or private laptops, and we have some experiences to share. Maybe we will even have a presentation. If you would like to present contact

This is not an installfest, but what comes after, like: How to change Disposable VM settings, how to add another template for Kali Linux etc.

We will do an informal meetup, may break out into groups, or just hang around and talk about Qubes.

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