Although klondike had always had the curiosity inherent to hackers to take apart things to see how they worked and even fix them and learned how to use MS-DOS with 7 years so he could play Commander Queen on his father’s computer things looked as if he was just going to be a computer programmer. But, after spending a summer reading Bruce Schneier’s applied cryptography and taking part, after lots of persuasion by the organizers, on a CTF competition where he wrote his own tools things started escalating quickly.

Since then klondike has done things like participating in some CTFs, becoming a Gentoo Hardened developer, writing an Arduino bootloader able to cryptographically verify updates, contributed cryptographic code to the Haskell community, written a fast implementation of the TTH algorithm and championed the introduction of new standards in the ADC protocol.

Currently, klondike is trying to start his own consulting company.

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Talk A brief look at the root cause of most Spanish security issues

In this talk we will talk about how the different particularities of the spanish ecosystem converge into a system were insecurity is rampant. We will also discuss how many of these particularities affect other countires, what are the root causes behind these issues and what can be done to minimize their future impact.

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Talk Bornhack DECT network 2019 edition

In this talk we will share our experiences creating the DECT and telephony network for this year's bornhack.

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Music Act Demoscene music mix

Demoscene music has some interesting properties, it's made using machines, it's barely danceable and tends to be very creative. During this act we will mix some demoscene music for your enjoyment.

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Workshop Gentoo Install Party

Want to install or learn more about Gentoo or Gentoo Hardened? Come to this workshop were users and developers will assist you into performing an installation and assist you with the issues you find.

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Talk LO! An LLVM Obfuscator

In this talk we will present how intermediate code transformations can be used to obfuscate code and the advantadges and limitations they introduce. We will also brielfy discuss some techniques that could help detect and reverse code obfuscated in such ways.

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Talk PaF || STFU

PaF (Patch and Fix) is a methodology focused on getting hands on towards a solution as oposed to RaD (Report and Discuss). I developed this approach when I was the CISO of a cryptocurrency exchange called Lescovex. This approach is common in certain free software projects and hacking communities. In this talk we will see how adopting such approach correctly can help us improve the security of our organizations by enabling those who can help us address the problem. Some of the side effects of PaF include: CISOs being seen as helpful contributors by people involved in development and system administration, auditors being seen as a valuable source of insight and development teams becoming better at handling security proactively and less inhibed at raising questions.

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