Kasper Kronborg Isager

Product Owner at Siteimprove, Software engineer with a passion for the internet and the technologies on which it is built https://kasperisager.github.io/ https://github.com/kasperisager

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Talk Testing for website accessibility issues

The community of website users with disabilities or impairments is as wide-ranging and diverse as any other. In an ideal world, every site would adapt to the needs of every potential user. Unfortunately, website accessibility doesn’t always come cheaply. Services like Siteimprove Accessibility run automated scans that pinpoint accessibility issues across a website. We also developed an open source accessibility conformance testing engine https://github.com/Siteimprove/alfa to do better scans. This talk will focus on what is technically relevant to make a website accessible and how does Siteimprove checks for accessibility issues.

You can read more about Website Accessibility on https://siteimprove.com/en/accessibility/website-accessibility/

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