Jens Kjellerup

Jens Kjellerup has been working with open source and public service communities for many years. Jens is one of the founders and member of the board of the public digitisation community OS2-Offentligt Digitaliseringsfællesskab.

Jens is currently CDO at Ballerup Municipality.

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How do municiplalities in Denmark coorporate, develop and govern software in the OS2-offenligt digitaliseringsfællesskab and why are the software released under a open source license. What is OS2-Offentligt Digitaliseringsfællesskab and what does it do. What kind of digital products does OS2 develop. How do OS2 govern the development process, the software and how do the community coorporate with commercial vendors What describes the maturity of the individual projects and what impact does th… Read more


  • Tuesday, Aug 13th, 2019, 17:00 (CEST) - Tuesday, Aug 13th, 2019, 18:00 (CEST)