David Stainton

Security researcher and cypherpunk; strongly believes in privacy enhancing technology, especially mix networks. Advancing anonymity networks for the purpose of enabling greater freedom of communication. Currently I work on the Katzenpost mix network free software project, designing and developing the Katzenpost decryption mix network. I have also on occasion made some volunteer code contributions to Tahoe-LAFS, Subgraph OS and the Tor Project.

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Talk Introduction to Mix Networks and Katzenpost: a new anonymity movement

This talk will introduce the fundamental concepts of mix networks as well as the Katzenpost mix network free software project. We are not just implementing a new mix network but starting a new anonymity movement and we welcome others to join us! Like Tor, mix networks protect metadata by using layered encryption and routing packets between a series of independent nodes. Mix networks resist vastly more powerful adversary models than Tor though, including partial defense against global passive adversaries. In so doing, mix networks add both latency and cover traffic. I shall outline the basic components of a mix network, touch on their roles in resisting active and passive attacks. In particular I'll mention how mix networks can be used with encrypted messaging applications and crypto currency to resist global network surveillance and traffic analysis.

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