anders kjærulff

Anders Kjærulff is a journalist, poet, techno-critic and radiohost with a weekly, one hour radioshow on privacy and data protection. He is still working on a dystopic book about the end of all privacy and the dim future, that lies ahead, but now believes it WILL involve dancing. Founding member of think-tank Formerly involved in several ngos - including big brother awards Denmark -

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Keynote Hate to say we told you so: Some cracked insights of a professional ex-tinfoilhat

For the past 8 years ive been working on the fringes of privacy and surveallance, trying to start debates, changing political agendas and generally raising awareness about our blatant and brutal loss of freedom in the name of digital progress. Looking back, all ive left behind is an increasing feeling of paranoia and a broken personal economy, while my opponents are driving Teslas and getting elected to important boards while cashing in on selling out on privacy and our individual freedome. This is the strange tale of being on the wrong side of info-tech-history for 8 years, a slideshow of pictures from this fatal journey - and maybe a beacon of hope for future idealist who want to take a simular path.

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