Ahmad Salim Al-Sibahi

Ahmad Salim Al-Sibahi is an Industrial Postdoc at Skanned.com and Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. He is researching how to apply probabilistic programming in practice to improve the scanning component of Skanned.com’s API.

He was previously a PhD Fellow and Postdoc at the IT University of Copenhagen as a part of the Software Quality Research group. His PhD project was about how to practically use programming language techniques to analyze high-level transformation programs. He was also a contributor to the dependently-typed programming language Idris.

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Blog: https://alsibahi.xyz

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Machine learning is all about inference! Given some data we would like to extract useful information, e.g., to predict that the given animal on an image is a dog or cat. Traditional machine learning techniques have been shown to work effectively in practice, but they also have their pitfalls: it's hard to directly incorporate domain knowledge, and they are often too confident about their results. Probabilistic programming languages (PPLs) augment traditional programming languages like Python… Read more


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