NixOS, a functional GNU/Linux distro

NixOS is a GNU/Linux distribution built on the Nix package manager and the Nix domain specific lazy functional programming language. Its unique design enables a number of interesting and powerful features such as reproducible system configurations, atomic system upgrades, rollbacks to known working configurations, per-user package management, easy sharing of configurations between multiple systems, and so on.

Together these features make NixOS an excellent system for server deployments, software development, and for the GNU/Linux enthusiast.

This talk will give an introduction to the Nix package manager and the NixOS GNU/Linux distribution and present an overview of the listed features. Familiarity with GNU/Linux is recommended but no prior experience of Nix or NixOS will be necessary.


To be recorded?: Yes

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  • Saturday Aug. 10 16:00 - 17:00 at Speakers Tent