Making use of Futhark, a purely functional GPU programming languageNone

Futhark is a data-parallel programming language that has been invented to ease the programming of massively parallel computers, mostly notably GPUs. Futhark is a purely functional language, and so cannot in principle interact with the outside world at all. Since people like being able to write programs that actually do things, this presents a challenge. I will talk about how Futhark is actually usable in practice, and show what the programming experience is actually like with some live hacking.

Further, Futhark is developed by a very small team, which is primarily interested in doing compiler development. Yet for a language to be practically useful, it still needs supporting infrastructure such as package repositories, documentation generators, and robust testing. Established language often have teams for handling such tasks. I will talk about how we have organised development of the Futhark project itself to obtain robust and reliable infrastructure and tools, but requiring a minimum of maintenance.


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  • Tuesday Aug. 13 16:00 - 17:00 at Speakers Tent