Limiting side-effects of applications at compile-time

By using tools where you have a clear separation between code branches that makes effects and the ones that doesn't, as for example Haskell, it's very easy to argue that this can be done in a fairly easy manner. But it's not always the case that if a specific code branch is allowed to have side-effects, these should be all possible side-effects. In this short talk, we will be showcasing how you will be able to further restrict effects, granularly and even recursively, in order to limit these side-effects. An example could be an application that only needs to access data from a specific website, limited to a relative URL, and then print it to the console. These effects restrictions will be designed into the application, which will allow you to outsource development to anyone with the right skill-set, even if they have bad intentions, knowing that they will 100% live up to the design or the application will not build. A demonstration will be provided by showcasing this approach on a very simple application (live coding).


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  • Monday Aug. 12 14:00 - 15:00 at Speakers Tent